We have a great line up for our upcoming CRSB December Quarterly meeting, December 18th, 2015 – 8:30-12:30 with lite breakfast fare, coffee, and lunch provided (in exchange for your completed Collaboration survey.*)

Our speakers include:  Guest Speakers – Hiten Madhani, UCSF, and UC’s own Michael Rape, as well as CRSB Project speakers, esteemed Yeon Lee from Donald Rio’s Lab, and James Peter Lloyd from Steven Brenner’s Lab.  During the last hour, our leadership faculty team will break off into a separate grant writing and planning discussion to continue the work past current NIGMS P50 funding.  

During our regular morning meeting, the larger membership will also spend time talking about how each of us collaborates across labs, project and cores, to fill in some blanks from a leadership survey last April.

What kinds of collaboration have you been involved in?

Who have you worked with outside of your regular lab efforts?  Talked to?  Consulted with?  Have you shared reagents? equipment? data? Have you gotten help or given help with computational analysis?  Have you shared protocols or methodologies?  Who have you worked on papers with, outside and inside your lab?

Let’s talk about it…Looking forward to seeing you there!