NCSB Annual Meeting

Albuquerque, NM, United States July 9-10, 2015
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CRISPR Workshop – Routes to Designer Biology

University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, United States July 20-24, 2015

The Innovative Genomics Initiative (IGI) is offering a 1-week lecture-based genome editing workshop at UC Berkeley on July 20-24, 2015.  Scheduled presenters include Jennifer Doudna, Dana Carroll, Jonathan Weissman, Jacob Corn and others who will address specialized topics in genome editing and CRISPR/Cas9 research, including background and basic engineering, structures and mechanisms, multiplexing, bioinformatics, technology applications and bioethics.  Small group sessions will enable direct interactions among students, lecturers and IGI staff to facilitate focused discussions on cutting-edge research experimental techniques, theory and applications.

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Genetics and Genomics to Gain Biological Insights

Li Ka Shing Center, Berkeley, CA, United States Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Computational Biology Seminar

Tuesday, April 7, 2015
125 Li Ka Shing Center

Title:  Combining Genetics and Genomics to Gain Biological Insights

Please join us for the Computational Biology Seminar next Tuesday, April 7th at 4pm featuring Dr. Chris Cotsapas from the Department of Neurology, Yale School of Medicine.


As genetic and genomic studies become routine, new approaches are required to wrest biological insights from these data. These approaches must address the multifactorial nature of complex traits, the gene regulatory effects likely driving much of that architecture, and recognize that mechanisms can be used in multiple cell types across many contexts. We have begun to combine genetic and genomic data to gain insight into mechanisms underlying autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, to identify suites of genes whose regulation is altered to induce risk; the specific cells and stimuli in which these alterations are risk-relevant; and develop assays to test these responses in a therapeutic development setting. I will discuss our recent findings of NFkB-mediated regulatory alterations driving MS risk, selective constraint in early fetal brain development, and testing how rare coding variants alter cell-cell interactions.


Dr. Chris Cotsapas is a computational geneticist whose primary interest is in understanding the biological processes underlying diseases of the immune system. He has published several highly cited papers on genome-wide association studies of disease, gene expression genetics and evolutionary biology. Chris obtained his BSc in Biochemistry from Imperial College London in 2000 and his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics from the University of New South Wales, Sydney in 2007.

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Core Computational Biology – Skills Seminar

Stanley Hall, Berkeley, CA, United States March 30, 2015

Please join us for the kick-off of the Core Skills Seminar sponsored by the Center for Computational Biology & Center for RNA Systems Biology.

What: Concepts and Applications of PCA
When: Monday, March 30 at 12pm
Where: 177 Stanley Hall

This seminar presupposes comfort with basic linear algebra topics, specifically inner products, norms, projection, and eigenvectors/values. Some review of relevant interpretations will be provided.

**Light refreshment will be provided.

The aim of these peer taught seminars is strengthen bioinformatics training on campus by providing a setting to disseminate this knowledge and experience among the student community. The seminars are organized by and for graduate students, but other researchers are welcome as well.

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10th Annual Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting

Walnut Creek, CA, United States March 24-26, 2015

In its tenth year, the DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI) has assembled a dynamic roster of speakers for its Annual Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting, March 24-26, 2015: This vibrant scientific conference and set of workshops, consistently voted the best “model organism/plant and animal meetings,” by readers of GenomeWeb, typically draws about 450 researchers from over 75 different institutions from all over the world to Walnut Creek, California. Topics include microbial genomics, fungal genomics, metagenomics, and plant genomics; genome editing, secondary metabolites, pathway engineering, synthetic biology, high-throughput functional genomics, high-performance computing applications and societal impact of technological advances. State-of-the-art presentations by invited speakers as well as short talks selected from poster abstracts. Check out the workshops, too:

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Let’s Have an Awesome Time Doing Science! Symposium

Li Ka Shing Center, Berkeley, CA, United States Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dear Fellow Scientists,

Are your failed experiments leaving you a little glum? Do you find yourself daydreaming about walking out of lab and never coming back?


Are you are having a whale of a time doing science and want to find out about other interesting and fun ways to enjoy yourself even more?

If you find yourself in either camp or somewhere in between, come to the Let’s Have an Awesome Time Doing Science! symposium.

When: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 9am to 12pm
Where: UC Berkeley, 245 Li Ka Shing

There will be tea, coffee, biscuits and most importantly interesting talks on a diverse array of topics from astrobiology at NASA to the weird and wonderful experiments done as part of Science Hack day.

You can check out the schedule and speakers at

Please register at link to registration.

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