Our team had a chance to celebrate all of the good work, as part of the larger Quantitative Biosciences community – at the recent CRSB Hosted Social Hour, sponsored by Thermo Fisher and QB3.

See our Stellar Stand Outs, next to CRSB placard, who jumped in to help with storage, set up, and clean-up for the evening’s celebration.  A big thank you to —–

Anna McGeachy, Bo Li, Nick Bray, Mia Pulos, Luisa Arake de Tacca, James Lloyd, and Annsea Park from CRSB labs;


And thank you to – Jan Ambrosini (not pictured), (below) Dave Rogers, Eddie Cazarez, and Director, Susan Marqusee (see slide show) from QB3;

and the Thermo Fisher staff, Vinnie Shankar, and A.J. Nava. Thank you!