The Center for RNA Systems Biology (CRSB) is comprised of an award winning assembly of UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco faculty, working together to research important systems biology questions.

Innovations discovered by faculty in our Center are recognized for changing the face of genetic research, including CRISPR Cas9, with Drs. Jennifer Doudna and Jonathan Weissman, and research identifying disease related RNA targets with Drs. Ming Hammond, Don Rio, Lior Pachter, Jamie Cate, Steve Brenner, Nicholas Ingolia, Gloria Brar, and Liana Lareau.

Over the course of the last three years, CRSB has played a role in supporting both small and large grants and seed money to allied programs, projects and initiatives including:  Student Led Computational Seminars, the Center for Computational Biology, both the UC Berkeley RNA and Bay Area RNA Clubs (BARC), funds for the K-12 youstem.org website out of Dr. Ming Hammond’s lab, SynBerc Diversity conferences, iGEM Undergrad conferences, AMGEN- CRSB Fellowships, Seed Money for Young and Upcoming Faculty, including Drs. Brar, Ingolia and Lareau, as well as funds to support special Post Doctoral Fellowships.  We also provide project and core funds for Drs. Rio, Hammond, Weissman, Arkin, Doudna, Cate, and Brenner.  We fund CRSB Quarterly and Annual Scientific Meetings, as well as travel reimbursement for attendance to high priority conferences.  We also promote training events and share Community Updates through our CRSB Updates e-mail blasts and other collaborative efforts, as well as support for UC Berkeley’s Chancelor’s Advisory Committee on Biology (CACB). 

To bridge the gap and as we fundraise for continued work, we are now putting the call out to our favorite vendors and other interested funders, to help us keep the work going.

How You Can Help

We are interested in pin-point sponsorships to support –

  • CRSB Quarterly/Annual Scientific Meetings
  • Workshop/Symposiums
  • Undergraduate support
  • Post-doc fellowships
  • Seed money for Young Outstanding Affiliated Faculty
  • Team Awards at a Scientific Project Level

Benefits to Sponsors

In exchange, sponsors are invited to Quarterly meetings, Workshops or Symposia; branding and credit on all electronic and written materials linked to the sponsorship – as well as table time at our events. Your sponsorship can help you get the word out about the scientific products that you make that support a worthy mission.

If you have contact information or ideas about who best to solicit sponsorship from in supporting CRSB Research, please contact Brigid by e-mail – bacuna@berkeley.edu.

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