We had the great fortune to have two outstanding undergraduate scholars visit our campus and CRSB labs this summer – Lauren Thurlow and Paige Diamond as part of the Amgen and CRSB sponsored Summer Fellowship program. Here is a little of what they had to say about their experience.

Thank you Paige and Lauren for your hard work! Also – big thank you to our very busy scientists in our labs – especially, Drs. Gloria Brar, Audrone Lapinaite – for stepping up to be mentors.

DSC_2673 DSC_2681

“As a scholar in the 2015 CRSB summer program, I had the privilege to work with Dr. Gloria Brar on a project focused on the systematic identification of alternate ORF translation in meiotic yeast cells. Working in this lab, I was exposed to innovative research methods and gained technical skills and knowledge which surpassed those obtained at my home institution, Drake University. Through the program, I was provided the opportunity to attend the National Centers for Systems Biology Conference where I gained increased awareness of the variety of research currently underway in the field of systems biology and was able to present a poster on our research to a diverse crowd of professionals. The UC- Berkeley community is vibrant and beautiful.  Organized social activities allowed us to take advantage of what the area has to offer– a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge was definitely a highlight.  Overall, I am deeply grateful for this experience, particularly for valuable insight into an advanced research program and the high-quality mentoring received throughout, but also for many new friends and colleagues.” Paige Diamond, Amgen CRSB 2015 Fellow, Mentor: Dr. Gloria Brar, Brar Lab

DSC_1044 Lauren and Paige in the labs.

“Before participating in the CRSB Scholars Program, all I had was a passion for nucleic acids research. Now I have the experience and connections to back it up. The program has helped me prepare for graduate school and define my goals for the future – all while working on one of the best molecular biology campuses in the world.” Lauren Thurlow, Amgen CRSB 2015 Fellow, Mentor: Dr. Audrone Lapinaite, Cate-Doudna Lab