death touch dim mak and poison hand pdf

Death touch dim mak and poison hand pdf

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Techniques and psychology of modern self defence

Dim Mak Destroy the Enemy

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Home Events Register Now About. There is a section covering stunt breaking and finally, the last section which has Count Dante Photos. In conclusion, you will not learn how to fight reading this booklet, but if you are into the historical aspects of an early controversial martial artist, you may want to get a copy of this collectors item. And if you are a longtime subscriber, thank you for reading, and for spreading the word about Sports Stories.

Techniques and psychology of modern self defence

Views 19 Downloads 0 File size 5MB. By Gran. Thomas Perhacs All Rights Reserved. Except for use in review, no portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the copyright owner. Editor of the translation Andrew Timofeevich. The activities, physical or otherwise, described in this material may be too strenuous or dangerous for some people, and the reader should consult a physician before engaging in them. One must not rise over other people.

One must not use this Art for suppression of people. If there are achievements, there should be flaws. It is necessary to know about flaws to attain higher achievements. It is necessary to breed the true greatness of Spirit. Point FU QI Point QI GE In my childhood I often played war, attacked and took defense.

When I read some war stories, I forgot about everything. Clothed in black, wearing high-boots, with a wooden sword on my back, I sat astride on a wooden bench and imagined that I was galloping on a horse back toward some noble feats.

It was none other than manifestation of my nature. My ancestors were wellknown people, they passed their Mastership from generation to generation, but after the decline of the 1 monarchy they gradually started to depart from this tradition. My ancestors realized that my nature was open to the Martial Arts, therefore they started to teach me in acrobatics and combat technique of Shaolin.

Tutor Zhu knew this method very well. The requirements were very strict and I had to do my best. Time, five years of training, passed quickly. During those years I trained myself when it was hot and when it was cold, did not stop lessons even at days-off and during holidays. I trained myself all the same, even if I was very busy in social activities. During those five years I managed to master four kinds of Gong Fu and gradually comprehended profound sense of the Martial Arts.

There were a lot of excellent masters, and I often thought about my further studies with the aim of deeper understanding of the Martial Arts.

At that time I happened to meet tutor Yin De Kui. Then he was over 80 years old. In the past he roamed provinces of Shanxi, Shenxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, had popularity and good reputation.

In his time he received inheritance from tutor Zhang, his skills were superb. I instantly understood that he was an excellent master and I became his apprentice with his permission. Senior disciple Guo Ze Yi replacing the tutor taught us skills.

Sometime the tutor himself helped him and gave instructions to us. As Guo Ze Yi had already learnt from the tutor during 30 years, he mastered all that was the most valuable and reached perfection.

I, twenty years old lad, left civil service and fully devoted myself to military affairs, diligently worked as an instructor and trained myself in Kung Fu. Nevertheless, I often felt doubts. Fortunately, I met a lot of practiced people experienced in Kung Fu, a lot of like-minded persons. They helped and admonished me.

I learnt many valuable things from them. He liked my purposefulness and he started to teach me the style Luohan Quan, the 72 kinds of Shaolin Arts, methods of hitting acupoints and acupuncture Dian Xue , technique of joint dislocation Yu Gu , methods of grappling Chin Na , and many other things.

I am grateful to my lucky star for being engaged in the Martial Arts for 21 years. I listened to admonitions of my Tutors and learnt a lot. Moreover, I diligently learnt and all my tutors were well-known people. During whole my life I was engaged in the Martial Arts, I was taught, I did my best, all other pursuits were sacrificed to it. Was it done only to improve health or to become a tutor in Kung Fu and a hawker who sells a complex of movements TAO?

Our Martial Arts are important means of strengthening the Nation and the State. Unfortunately, many Wu Shu masters put on airs and stagnated. It will be of no good. Let our Martial Art like the rising sun shines for the whole world, let our country be among powerful states. We collected all we had seen and heard, we gathered ancient manuscripts given to us by - 11 - our tutors to compile the present book series.

We hope that readers will make their comments that could be used to introduce corrections into the second possible editions. Mad Jin Jing Zhong from the family of Yanjing. In this book we endeavored to expound all we know about this kind of WU SHU as clearly and plainly as possible and give general information about it and its training methods. It is considered that it is impossible to fully acquire this method without wellknown tutors.

If WU SHU trainees want to acquire two or three wonderful kinds styles of the martial art, they need years for that at least.

It also takes years of labor to educate a good doctor. Hard labor and determination are far from being enough. The key point was always availability of a competent tutor and his desire to pass over his mastery.

You know, it will teach not only to defeat men but to help them too. Before learning to gain upper hand over men, it is necessary to perfectly learn how to cure and save them. However, it is necessary to have a great practical experience in order to perfectly acquire methods of curing and saving people. When people of ancient times created the martial art, it was as natural as stars, mountains, and rivers around them.

They took images of insects, monkeys and birds as a base and imitated their movements and habits. Everything developed step by step. When emperor Xuan Yuan invented weapons — sabers, swords, and pikes, it gave a rise to the martial art with the use of weapons.

Over time training methods became more complicated and enriched. Various currents, trends, and schools appeared. Some acquired skills superficially, put up their skills for show, some learnt the essence of the teaching, highly valued and kept it in secret. Hundreds and thousands of years passed so. It is difficult to say now how training methods have changed as compared with ancient times.

Today, when we speak about the Martial Art, first of all we mean two main trends and four schools. He was born at the time of Song dynasty in the reign of emperor Hui Zong. They are separated in time by hundreds and thousand years.

Each school and trend have their own advantages as regard to their content. As to their sources, their 6 and fundamentals belongs to Ren Huang Shi 7 Huangdi. The Chinese national heritage were preserved throughout years, introduced into practice and developed, it has not been lost until now. All of them have weak and strong points. When the difference between those schools is talked about, it resembles debates of scientists about nuances of differences in 8 9 the teachings of Confucius and Meng-Tse.

Was descended from an impoverished noble family and spent the most part of his life in the kingdom Lu the territory of the modern province of Shandong. Was a small official in his young years, then founded the first private school in China.

Main opinions of C. He was very skinny, it seemed he even yielded to the wind and hardly was able to bear the weight of his dress. Once he was encircled by a dozen of strong lads. The monk joined his middle finger with the forefinger and made a movement toward the lads as if pointed a direction for somebody. Everybody around him were dumbfounded, it became hard for them to move and speak.

The attackers started to kowtow before him and asked to teach them that skill. You live in the country and you are not occupied with agriculture, you have learnt some leg and arm movements and think that you are masters of the Martial Art, your behavior is defiant.

With these words he reanimated all of them. Sun Tong himself was born in the town of Taian of the state of Lu. Situated on the territory of the modern province of Shandong. This historical name was kept for that place and used during many centuries.

Later he moved to Cangzhou. He passed down his mastery to Chen Shan. Chen Shan passed down his mastery to his son Chen Guang Zhi. Now the son of the latter can also teach that skill.

Chen Shan also has disciples, one of them is Jiang Ting Ju. He passed down his mastery to Jiang Tai He. But in a combat it is a means for killing. Besides, all who have acquired that skill to some extend keep it in secret from each other, therefore there are very few men who are in command of that GONG FU perfectly.

Dim Mak Destroy the Enemy

The old Kung Fu master touched his assailant, with no apparent effect. Days later, the assailant died a sudden and mysterious death. He was a victim of the legendary dim mak, the touch of death. Dim mak is a popular discussion topic among martial arts enthusiasts. Some instructors claim to have the skill , or believe that it was used to kill Bruce Lee. Others insist that dim mak instructors are frauds and the skill itself is a complete fantasy.

It is also known as the death touch, the delayed death touch, poison hand or vital points striking. In Chinese colloquialism, it refers to the martial art technique of striking specific pressure points on the body since Chi and blood in Chinese thinking represents life force. Firstly , which points to attack when defending yourself. These points include but are not limited to what we in the west refer to as pressure points. There are various criteria and methods that are used to guide us in selecting points. Keep in mind that the basis of selecting pressure points is based on the ancient medical theories used in traditional Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

download: dim mak hsueh the posion hand touch of death pdf Best of all, they are Dim Mak (Dim Hsueh); the Poison Hand Touch of Death [Hsieh, Douglas] on.

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Any fans of the American comics on the s must remember the lurid adverts for Count Dante? The deadly master of martial arts whose touch could kill and main! But who was the Count and what is his legacy to martial arts in general and street defence in particular?

The touch of death or death-point striking refers to any martial arts technique reputed to kill using seemingly less than lethal force targeted at specific areas of the body. Tales of its use are often found in the Wuxia genre of Chinese martial arts fiction. Dim mak is depicted as a secret body of knowledge with techniques that attack pressure points and meridians , said to incapacitate or sometimes cause immediate or even delayed death to an opponent. Little scientific or historical evidence exists for a martial arts "touch of death", although it has been confirmed that trauma may cause disproportionately catastrophic consequences when applied to known pressure points under specific circumstances.

Until recently the forbidden training secrets of the society have been closely guarded by the members who were sworn to secrecy and joined together thru their initiation ceremony of blood. Breaking of the oath to secrecy meant death by torture to the offender. There is nothing to be held in the hand, or any hand brace needed; and no special stunt bricks or boards are needed.


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