shungite protection healing and detoxification pdf

Shungite protection healing and detoxification pdf

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Protection, Healing, and Detoxification

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Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification

Protection, Healing, and Detoxification

Shungite is a stone that has made a splash on the metaphysical world in the past several years. Shungite is a black or silvery-black substance made of almost pure carbon. It is found in Russia, in the Karelian village of Shun'ga. She was doing bioenergetic research on the negative effects of electromagnetic energy on the body, when she chanced to meet a Russian geologist. The man offered her and a fellow researcher small pieces of Shungite to hold, and as they did so, both were astonished by what they felt.

She was greatly excited by this new discovery, saying, "We had found something natural to protect life. Martino takes the reader through chapters dealing with the geography, history, geology and biology related to Shungite, as well as what she calls the "energetic or practical chapters. Type I is also know in the metaphysical culture as Noble Shungite, and it is viewed by many as having more powerful energies.

In recounting the history of Shungite, Martino places the early mention of the mineral during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. During that time and later during the rule of Peter the Great, the water coming from a spring at a Shungite deposit was believed to have healing properties.

This interest in Shungite's healing waters continued for some decades. These molecules are rare in nature, but highly concentrated in Karelian Shungite. There is an entire chapter in the book devoted to the presence of fullerenes in Shungite. Another Chapter in the book are devoted to Shungite's properties and effects on health. Later in the chapter are some fascinating studies on the effects of patients treated in a room made of Shungite. Later chapters are devoted to bioenergetic research on Shungite, the metaphysical energies of Shungite and practical applications for using the stone.

There are discussions of the best uses for different shape and forms of cut and polished Shungite, as well as the beneficial ways to combine Shungite with other stones.

Even topics such as Shungite in agriculture are included. It is easy to discern that she is rigorous in her work and is also certain of the multiple beneficial qualities of Shungite. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about this modest-looking but energetically exceptional stone. About Us. How to prepare shungite water. Wearing shungite.

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Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification

As fullerene-based compound applications have been rapidly increasing in the health industry, the need of biomedical research is urgently in demand. While shungite is regarded as a natural source of fullerene, it remains poorly documented. Here, we explored the in vivo effects of shungite against ultraviolet B- UVB- induced skin damage by investigating the physiological skin parameters, immune-redox profiling, and oxidative stress molecular signaling. Toward this, mice were UVB-irradiated with 0.

Used in Russian healing therapies since the time of Peter the Great, shungite contains almost the entire periodic table of the elements as well as fullerenes, the hollow carbon-based molecules that recent research shows are able to slow both the growth of cancer cells and the development of the AIDS virus. Citing many double-blind scientific and medical studies on shungite, Regina Martino explains its many protective, healing, and detoxifying properties, including its ability to counteract the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation from computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other electronic devices and appliances. Exploring the energetic properties of shungite, she reveals how it facilitates energetic transfers between the chakras and higher energies outside the body and can be used to harmonize living spaces.

Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification

Have you been feeling foggy or low energy?


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