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Global citizenship and cultural understanding pdf

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Research Paper (postgraduate), 2016

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2016

6 Pages, Grade: 90.5

It is a way of living that recognises our world is an increasingly complex web of connections and interdependencies. One in which our choices and actions may have repercussions for people and communities locally, nationally or internationally. Global Citizenship nurtures personal respect and respect for others, wherever they live. It encourages individuals to think deeply and critically about what is equitable and just, and what will minimise harm to our planet.

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2016

Moreover, the notion of civic education and engagement has expanded from constituting more of a national focus to one which is global. This in turn, highlighted the reality that civic responsibility is a notion that extends beyond national borders, as well as beyond the scope of one state. Global Citizenship is not new in discourse; however, both the notion as well as the term seems to be witnessing more attention lately as they are both being highlighted across discussions in higher education. Several institutions make reference to global citizenship in their mission statements, as well as make it a goal of theirs in their quest for more liberal education and internationalization efforts. International organizations such as Oxfam among others currently offer a number of definitions which intersect in their approach. Effective Global Citizens are usually flexible, creative and pro-active.

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2016

The ongoing globalisation has led to a tremendous expansion of the English language. With China striving to become part of the world economy since the late 's, there has been a great emphasis placed on the education of young people to become a world citizen with fluent English. All this however needs to be realized through communication in English, the world language. Improving communicative competence among Chinese learners of English depends on how English is learnt in the FL classroom and how it gets practiced outside the classroom. Data drawn from English corners, English clubs and English church all show that those informal learning settings have a complentary role to play especially when the formal English classroom is found having various deficits. Data also confirm that informal settings offer the opportunity to close the gap between L1 and L2 learning processes, and nurtutre learners' communicative competence through social intercourse and intercultural exchanges.

Global citizenship is the idea that one's identity transcends geography or political borders and that responsibilities or rights are derived from membership in a broader class: "humanity". This does not mean that such a person denounces or waives their nationality or other, more local identities, but that such identities are given "second place" to their membership in a global community. In general usage, the term may have much the same meaning as " world citizen " or cosmopolitan , but it also has additional, specialized meanings in differing contexts. Various organizations, such as the World Service Authority , have advocated global citizenship. In education, the term is most often used to describe a worldview or a set of values toward which education is oriented see, for example, the priorities of the Global Education First Initiative led by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Within the educational system, the concept of global citizenship education GCED is beginning to supersede or overarch movements such as multicultural education, peace education , human rights education , Education for Sustainable Development , and international education.

In fact, being a global citizen requires a liberal education. Leaders and citizens of tomorrow need an understanding of the world's cultures.

6 Pages, Grade: 90.5

This paper discusses GCED in Sub-Saharan Africa in the context of the post education agenda, with a particular focus on adult education. Efforts towards achieving Education for All EFA has since its inception in yielded significant progress. As a result, there is a strong need for a forward-looking agenda that will complete the unfinished business while going beyond the current goals. There are emerging trends and development challenges in a globalised, inter-connected world, and their implications for education and training.

I am pleased to introduce this general issue, which brings together leading scholars to reflect on critical topics ranging from global citizenship education GCE and values and ethics, to citizen identity and the role that textbooks can play in peacebuilding. These topics are more relevant than ever. The main thrust of several articles in this issue concerns issues of interpretation of a field that is still trying to find its feet. Refreshingly free from the usual limited, and typically Western-centric and neoliberal, conceptions of GCE, these articles make a remarkable attempt to expand the definition of GCE and to think through its long-term possibilities. Running through all the articles in this issue is that same kind of acute moral sensibility, collective self-questioning, and sometimes uncomfortable truth-telling.

Global citizenship education is one of the fastest growing educational reform movements today. Although still in its incipient stages, it has support from all corners—teacher unions, governments, corporations, foundations, global institutions, etc. It is best understood as a pedagogical response to the problems, challenges, and opportunities of globalization: migration, cultural difference, environmental crises, and a growing list of global social problems. The world seemingly gets smaller and smaller, boundaries appear to fade away, and we feel more and more connected to corners of the globe that previously felt, quite literally, half a world away.

Mainstreaming Education for Global Citizenship

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Growing need for Global Citizenship Education (GCED)

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