past simple negative and questions exercises pdf

Past simple negative and questions exercises pdf

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Past simple


English Grammar Exercises

The Past Simple is used to write and talk about completed actions that happened in a time before the present.

Negative and interrogative sentences. What do you want to do? Check my answers Email my answers to my teacher. Please allow access to the microphone Look at the top of your web browser.

Past simple

The simple past tense, sometimes called the preterite, is used to talk about a completed action in a time before now. The simple past is the basic form of past tense in English. The time of the action can be in the recent past or the distant past and action duration is not important. You always use the simple past when you say when something happened, so it is associated with certain past time expressions. Note: the word ago is a useful way of expressing the distance into the past. It is placed after the period of time: a week ago, three years ago, a minute ago. For the negative and interrogative simple past form of "to do" as an ordinary verb, use the auxiliary "did", e.

Affirmative, negative and interrogative forms. You will also learn and practice irregular verbs and the pronunciation of regular verbs in past. Look at the following pictures and think about these questions for a moment. Click on each image to see its description; use the arrows to see the rest of the images. Do you ever think about the past?


PDF book 1: English tenses exercises. PDF book 2: English grammar exercises. PDF book 3: English grammar rules. Read more about English grammar books PDF on e-grammar. Past simple Exercise 1 Regular and irregular verbs I. Past simple Exercise 2 Regular and irregular verbs II.

Download PDF version of this test! Exercise instructions. Remember that the present perfect always has some sort of connection with the present, whereas the past simple happens at a specific time in the past. Past Continuous is used to describe action that were in progress still happening - not finished at a certain time in the past. Past perfect simple or past perfect continuous? In the section below are several examples illustrating some ways in which the simple present tense can be used. What does it cover?

Make the past simple, positive, negative or question: 1. I. (not / drink) any beer last night. 2. She. (get on) the bus in the.

English Grammar Exercises

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Past Simple

И, как бы повинуясь неведомому сигналу, между стенами слева от него мелькнула тень.


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    Interactive Version - This past simple interactive worksheet contains a variety of exercises to help students learn and practice past simple affirmative and negative sentences.

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    Past simple. Worksheets - pdf exercises. Past simple - pdf exercises · Worksheet: affirmative-negative forms · Worksheet: simple past - interrogative · Past.

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    Make the past simple negative: 1. (I / not / go out last night). 2. (you / not / come to the party).


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