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Corruption as an obstacle to development in developing countries: a review of literature

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Corruption is believed to be widespread and it adversely affects countries at different intervals, in different degrees. Corruption scandals show that bribes are commonplace and that even societies that are supposedly free of corruption are affected by it. It is unclear, however, if increases in income reduce corruption across regions and income classification consistently. Researchers have often focused on the process of detection rather than exploring the degree to which the income level has an effect on corruption.

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Economics of corruption deals with the misuse of public power for private benefit and its economic impact on society. Economies that are afflicted by a high level of corruption are not capable of prospering as fully as those with a low level of corruption. Also, economies that are corrupted are not able to function properly since the natural laws of the economy can not function freely. As a consequence, corruption, for instance, leads to an inefficient allocation of resources, poor education, and healthcare or the presence of a shadow economy, a kind of economy that includes illegal activities as well as unreported income from the production of legal goods and services for which taxes should be paid, but are not. Corruption can be measured objectively by counting the number of criminal indictments for corruption; however, this can be ineffective due to the fact that the ratio of indictments to actual corruption may be highly variable.

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Erwann Sabai and Dr. Chirok Han from University of Auckland for their valuable comments and to the following people: Dr. Shahid M. Alam of Northeastern University, Boston, for their intuitive comments; and Ms. However, the authors are responsible for any errors or omissions, which are of course unintended. Using panel data from the International Country Risk Guide corruption index, institutional quality and political stability indices and several state variables for developed and developing countries, this paper explores the linear quadratic empirical relationship between corruption and economic growth. Empirical literature has shown a linear relationship between corruption and economic growth but hasn't differentiated between growth-enhancing and growth-reducing levels of corruption.

Corruption as an obstacle to development in developing countries: a review of literature

Toke S. This paper takes a critical look at these positions. Instead, the paper uncovers a strong negative correlation between growth in genuine wealth per capita —a direct measure of sustainable development—and corruption. While corruption may have little average effect on the growth rate of GDP per capita , it is a likely source of unsustainable development. Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in.

Corruption in Economic Development: Beneficial Grease, Minor Annoyance, or Major Obstacle? Shang-Jin Wei. Harvard University and National Bureau of.

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Corruption and Economic Development

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    Contemporary literature has paid scholarly attention to corruption from a variety of competing perspectives.

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    PDF | There is no sustainable economic development without a functioning rule of law. Besides sustainable economic policies like low interest.

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    The estimates show that corruption negatively affects income per capita, productivity, and innovation, while it does not significantly impact income.

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    Request PDF | Corruption and Economic Development | Corruption is believed to be widespread and it adversely affects countries at different.


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