a survey and comparison of peer to peer overlay network schemes pdf

A survey and comparison of peer to peer overlay network schemes pdf

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Published: 09.04.2021

Improved Object Lookup in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks

Journal of Computer Networks and Communications


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Over the Internet today, computing and communications environments are significantly more complex and chaotic than classical distributed systems, lacking any centralized organization or hierarchical control.

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Improved Object Lookup in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks

A distributed hash table DHT is a distributed system that provides a lookup service similar to a hash table : key-value pairs are stored in a DHT, and any participating node can efficiently retrieve the value associated with a given key. The main advantage of a DHT is that nodes can be added or removed with minimum work around re-distributing keys. Keys are unique identifiers which map to particular values , which in turn can be anything from addresses, to documents , to arbitrary data. This allows a DHT to scale to extremely large numbers of nodes and to handle continual node arrivals, departures, and failures. DHTs form an infrastructure that can be used to build more complex services, such as anycast , cooperative web caching , distributed file systems , domain name services , instant messaging , multicast , and also peer-to-peer file sharing and content distribution systems. DHT research was originally motivated, in part, by peer-to-peer P2P systems such as Freenet , Gnutella , BitTorrent and Napster , which took advantage of resources distributed across the Internet to provide a single useful application. In particular, they took advantage of increased bandwidth and hard disk capacity to provide a file-sharing service.

Journal of Computer Networks and Communications

The increased use of structured overlay network for a variety of applications has attracted a lot of attention from both research community and attackers. However, the structural constraints, open nature anybody can join and anybody may leave , and unreliability of its participant nodes significantly affect the performance of these applications and make it vulnerable to a variety of attacks such as eclipse, Sybil, and churn. The focus of this paper is to provide a new robust, efficient, and scalable hierarchical overlay architecture that will counter these attacks by providing a structure that can accommodate the fleeting behaviour of nodes without causing much structural inconsistencies. The performance evaluation showed that the proposed architecture has more failure resilience and self-organization as compared to chord based architecture. Experimental results have demonstrated that the effect of failures on an overlay is proportional to the size of failure. In the past two decades, structured overlay networks have emerged as a suitable architecture for implementation of various content sharing and internet service support system applications. An overlay network is defined as a layer of virtual network topology on the top of physical network, where a large number of users are pooled in order to share their resources and to provide distributed points of service.

Abstract Implementation of a P2P Peer-to-Peer overlay network directly on the realistic network environments is not a feasible initiative as scalability is a major challenge for P2P. The implementation of newly created P2P networks must be analyzed, well tested and evaluated through experiments by researchers and organizations. Various simulators have been developed to analyze and simulate P2P protocols before applying to real applications. However, selection of an appropriate simulator suitable for a given application requires a prior comprehensive survey of P2P simulators. The existing literature survey of P2P simulators has limitations viz. To overcome these limitations, we survey existing simulators with classifications, additional design parameters, limitations and comparison using various criteria.

Effectiveness of unstructured P2P overlays highly depends on the efficiency and scalability of their lookup algorithms. However, how to quickly discover or lookup an object or a file that a peer is looking for in a large scale P2P network with efficiency remains a challenging research problem. In this paper we dynamically select peers with high priority of having objects while reducing the overall network traffic. Our experiments have demonstrated that our method can significantly shorten the search path and result in a higher peer search performance. We achieved a success rate of 85 percentage in locating a file when the number of peers are large in the topology with a reduction of 40 percentage of search traffic. Unable to display preview.


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Handbook of Peer-to-Peer Networking pp Cite as. This chapter provides an overview of structured Peer-to-Peer overlay algorithms. Based on these key concepts, a number of key overlay algorithms are classified into categories and a brief over-view of these algorithms is presented.

Overview of Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlay Algorithms

In this paper we analyze the functional and non-functional requirements of peer-to-peer P2P systems that go beyond the needs of the well explored file-sharing P2P systems. Four basic subcategories are suggested to classify the non-functional requirements: adaptability, efficiency, validity and trust.

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Availability for DHT-Based Overlay Networks with Unidirectional Routing

A Survey and Comparison of Peer-to-Peer Overlay Network Schemes (2005)

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    Peer-to-peer overlay systems go beyond services offered by client-server systems by having symmetry in roles where a client may also be a server. It allows.

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    These P2P overlay networks attempt to provide a long list of features, such In this article we present a survey and comparison of various Structured and Unstructured P2P overlay Peer-to-Peer Overlay Network Schemes.


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