doppler effect questions and answers pdf

Doppler effect questions and answers pdf

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The Doppler Effect

Suppose that there is a happy bug in the center of a circular water puddle. The bug is periodically shaking its legs in order to produce disturbances that travel through the water. If these disturbances originate at a point, then they would travel outward from that point in all directions. Since each disturbance is traveling in the same medium, they would all travel in every direction at the same speed.

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If the pitch heard is higher than that of the emitted source frequency, then which statement above are correc t :. The equation of the Doppler effect :. Sign rule :. The sound speed v always positive. The observer speed v obs is positive if observer moving toward the source of the sound. The observer speed v obs is negative if the observer moving away from the source of the sound. The source speed v source is positive if the source of the sound moving away from the observer.

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Example Questions

Be careful as to which frequency and velocity you use in the equation. Waves 7. The whistle of a train or the siren of an ambulance appears to increase in frequency sounds higher in pitch as it moves away from you This frequency change due to the relative motion between a source of sound or light and an observer is known as the doppler effect or doppler shift When the observer e. The sound therefore appears at a higher frequency to the observer. Worked example If the cyclist is riding past the observer, the wavelength of sound waves are going to become longer This rules out options A and C A longer wavelength means a lower frequency from the wave equation Lower frequency creates a lower sound pitch Therefore, the answer is row D.

Siyavula Practice gives you access to unlimited questions with answers that help you learn. Practise anywhere, anytime, and on any device! Redshift is the shift in the position of spectral lines to longer wavelengths due to the relative motion of a source away from the observer. A truck approaches you at an unknown speed. How will the sound change as the truck passes you? Explain this phenomenon in terms of the wavelength and frequency of the sound. As the truck goes by, the frequency goes from higher to lower and the wavelength of the sound waves goes from shorter to longer.

The Doppler Effect

As discussed in the chapter on sound, if a source of sound and a listener are moving farther apart, the listener encounters fewer cycles of a wave in each second, and therefore lower frequency, than if their separation remains constant. For the same reason, the listener detects a higher frequency if the source and listener are getting closer. The resulting Doppler shift in detected frequency occurs for any form of wave.

Doppler effect – problems and solutions

Which of the following best describes the effect of the Doppler shift on the appearance of stars moving towards Earth? The Doppler shift equation for light is , where f is the source frequency, f' is the observed frequency, v is the relative velocity between source and observer, and c is the speed of light. When the source and observer are moving closer together, v is positive, so the observed frequency is greater than the source frequency.


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