learning disabilities and life stories pdf

Learning disabilities and life stories pdf

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Learning Disabilities and Life Stories

Real Stories from People living with a Disability

The anthology consists of two main components: thirteen biographical essays written by people with learning difficulties and five analytical chapters written by psychologists and psychologists. Speaking in terms of intimacy…. Speaking in terms of intimacy and analysis, autobiographical essays tell about continuing personal encounters with the challenges and mysteries of living with learning disabilities.

If You're an Educator

Learning disability , learning disorder , or learning difficulty British English is a condition in the brain that causes difficulties comprehending or processing information and can be caused by several different factors. Given the "difficulty learning in a typical manner", this does not exclude the ability to learn in a different manner. Therefore, some people can be more accurately described as having a "learning difference", thus avoiding any misconception of being disabled with a lack of ability to learn and possible negative stereotyping. In the United Kingdom, the term "learning disability" generally refers to an intellectual disability , while difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia are usually referred to as "learning difficulties". While learning disability , learning disorder and learning difficulty are often used interchangeably, they differ in many ways.

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Learning Disabilities and Life Stories

There are many books available that can help you deal with death or bereavement, give you more information about where you can get support, or just make you think. Read our reviews, plus your chance to win copies. People with learning disabilities are some of the most marginalised groups in society. Many of the 1. They also face particular barriers if they come to need end of life care and support. From the Books Beyond Words series for healthcare professionals, parents and carers who support people with learning disabilities. John has a terminal illness.

Real Stories from People living with a Disability

Life story work is a social work intervention with children and adults designed to recognise their past, present, and future. It is prominently used with children who will be adopted, and older adults as part of reminiscence therapies. Life story books are often incorporated into this work to give a visual aid and reminder of important events or feelings. Life story work as a concept has dated back to at least the s, possibly further.

Research Group members have written a diverse range of social history of learning disability articles, which can be divided into:. Please refer to individual Research Group member profiles for more publications, as well as projects. Mitchell, D.


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