business development executive interview questions and answers pdf

Business development executive interview questions and answers pdf

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Business Development Manager Interview Questions

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Top 10 business development interview questions and answers.pptx

Operational and Situational questions

List the steps to do to use Alerts in BO? Alerts are used to alert some part of the data if any change occurs. You can do Load testing for Webi Reports using Load runner tool.

What experience do you have in this business development field? For this question you first need to read and understand the job specification, as this will tell you what experience the interviewer is looking for. Your answer should relate your experience and achievements to that of the job role. Often interviewees will talk about experiences that are not relevant to the job role, this will only lead to the employer becoming uninterested in you. I have over 6 years experience as a nursery nurse, in that time I have gain an NVQ Level 2 and 3 in child care.

Business Development Manager Interview Questions

List the steps to do to use Alerts in BO? Alerts are used to alert some part of the data if any change occurs. You can do Load testing for Webi Reports using Load runner tool. Using loadrunner tool you will get these results: a Maximum Running Vusers: 50 Given by the testing person, you can increase virtual users if you want b hits per second.

Explain difference between union and group? The difference between union and group is as follows:. Explain bo repository?

Repository means set of database tables, Business object store security information e. Described about report template in B. Report Template is a specimen for your future reports. You create a report from scratch, say make it Master-Detail Report with charts, put your company logo, add some default colors something like same colors your company uses for its documents, webpages etc.

Time Saving. No need of formatting for all standard reports. Explain the difference between ZABO and webi? Webi is also called as thin client , where -in you are create BO reports on web browser.

Reports are only based on Universe. Suppose if a cartesian product pop up block appears when running a report. Cartesian product is getting incorrect results. Tell me if I have three predefined prompts. In a report it will come randomly. How they will come in a specified format? We can do this in three ways:.

Which versions are used in the BO dashboard work? Which steps to taken to schedule the report? As far as i know we schedule the reports through broadcast agent. Explain top business? To get good name , fame n earn well amt is top business. Explain dense rank?

The ranks are consecutive integers beginning with 1. The largest rank value is the number of unique values returned by the query. Rank values are not skipped in the event of ties. Rows with equal values for the ranking criteria receive the same rank. Hence, after the result set is built in the inline view, we can simply select all of the rows with a dense rank of three or less, this gives us everyone who makes the top three salaries by department number.

Give me the set of sales people who make the top 3 salaries — that is, find the set of distinct salary amounts, sort them, take the largest three, and give me everyone who makes one of those values.

Can you execute the plsql procedure from the report by clicking with mouse? We can select either tables or procedures or views as our data to generate our reports. Which three things do you consider to be the most important factors for a Executive? Motivation factor 2. Team leader quality 3. Risk handler. Is there any other repository domains rather than universe, security, document? No there are only 3 repository domains for BO 6. What is derived table in data warehousing?

It is similar to views,it is mainly used to restrict the datas. Which steps to be taken to schedule the report? You can schedule any report using Business Objects reporter.

Described Alerts in Bos, Under what situation we need to use alerts? Here alert means to highlighted data in a particular report. How many universes can be created in a project? We can create any number of universe, but at a time we can open only one universe, generally number of universes should be equal to number of sub-domains.

Described about thumbnail? BusinessObjects Enterprise lets you preview a report using thumbnails. You can request the server to take a snapshot of the first page of the report and return it to the browser as an image file. This image can then be displayed as part of the Report Details page. To retrieve a thumbnail, a separate page needs to be created because the code that writes an image to the screen erases any text that may have previously been there.

Conditions: these retrievals the data based on the condition universe level Filter: it brings the data and filter; performance will be slow report level. Filters — are used to restrict the number of rows in the output.

Conditions — It wont reduce the Number of Rows, but you can show up data based on some validations. Condition is also applied at report level. When we use aggregate awareness function in designer? In order to solve fan trap in busines objects we either create alias table or aggregate awareness function.

Through aggregate navigation we can also select the compatable as well as incompatable objects Ex:-year, quarter, month, week, day year:-quarter, month, week, day are compatable objects quarter:-year? Explain difference between compatible and incompatible objects? We can select or choose compatable n incompatable objects through aggregator navigation in the designer. How we drill up week to Month?

This is call drill up. Explain Object Stores? Object store is nothing but the container of object which is created after rpt file run once. Explain difference between detect alias and detect context?

We should use Detect Aliases and Detect Contexts to formally identify and resolve loops. Would you consider as your biggest achievement and why? THOUGH my biggest achievement is still to be achieved ,and that would be if I am able to give all the happiness to my family along with a reputed professional position. Explain the difference between custom hierarchy and report based hierarchy? By default one class having one hierarchy ie called report hierarchy.

Custom hierarchy we can create in designer according our req. Explain the difference between slice and dice and cross tab report? Cross tab report is like at the intersection of 2 dimensions measure is displayed.

How to schedule the report in B. We can schedule the reports through broadcast agent. Solution is Report Bursting. In WebI 2. Explain fantrap in Business Objects? Loop occurs while we design the universe. FanTrap: resolved by alias. Two one-to-many joined table linked each other and in turn linked to one-to-many table.

Explain the difference between business objects 6. Explain the difference between User And versatile user? The user profile determines by default what products a user can use. User profiles can be customized to reflect the needs of the users. End users can produce documents containing data from one or more data sources. A versatile user is a customized user who may be given access by a supervisor to any combination of Business Objects products.

When to use local filter and when to use global Filter? Think this should be in the Reporter Forum but, a local filter would apply to just a single block table, cross tab or chart within your report. A global filter would apply to all blocks in your report, so if you had many tables the filter would apply to all of them.

Yes both can exist on the same tier because Datamart is a subset of data warehouse and it supports a particular region, business unit or business function. The main difference between fullclient and webi is in webi only universe can be used as source,whereas in fullclient we can freehand sql,stored procedures and xml dataproviders as source. Your email address will not be published.

Alerts means highlights the data. The difference between union and group is as follows: Take two tables t1 and t2.

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Business Development Manager is another fancy job title corporations use to attract talented job seekers. Sales Manager would be a more appropriate title for the position, but developing business sounds better than managing sales. Interviewers will inquire about your sales strategies , market research skills, ability to connect with VITOs very important top officers , and especially about your attitude to various tricky situations that can happen to every BDM. Nonetheless, you should do some research about your future employer, and especially the products they sell on B2B market. This knowledge will help you with your interview answers.

Top 10 business development interview questions and answers.pptx

Make sure that you are interviewing the best Business development manager candidates. Sign up for Workable's day free trial to hire better, faster. Business Development Managers BDM are found in all industries where they generate new business for a company. Higher education is usually optional except in some fields e.

Business Development Executive Interview Questions & Answers

Ask the following interview questions to identify a highly motivated Business Development Manager with excellent decision-making skills. The key job responsibility of a Business Development Manager is to develop and nurture long-term customer relationships.

Operational and Situational questions

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Ready to face interview for Business Development Executive? Do not worry, we are here to help you with job interview preparation. If you are preparing Business Development Executive interview and not sure which questions are likely asked in interview, we suggest you to go through Wisdomjobs interview questions and answers page to crack your job interview. Strong technical skills are needed as there is huge competition. Below is the list of frequently asked Business Development Executive interview questions and answers which gets you ready to face the interviews :.

A Business Development Executive comprises some of responsibilities and techniques usually aiming at growing and enforcing increase possibilities within and between organizations. The Business Development test has been designed by our experienced subject matter experts to assess sales, interpretation, analytical and data management skills of a candidate.

Interview Questions for Business Development Managers

Asking this question allows you to see whether the business development executive remembers to retain old customers or only focuses on getting new ones. How they answer the question tells you whether they are good at interacting with clients or if they would resort to ineffective or inappropriate tactics. Their reply can let you know if they have the ability to think about what appeals to an established user base. What to look for in an answer:. A business development executive has a lot of responsibilities. This question helps you learn about the candidate's ability to multitask and organize their time. Asking it also encourages the person to elaborate on the types of duties they expect to fulfill.

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