post harvest losses of fruits and vegetables pdf

Post harvest losses of fruits and vegetables pdf

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Review of Post-Harvest Losses of Fruits and Vegetables

Post-harvest losses (vegetables)

Postharvest Quality Maintenance of Fruits and Vegetables in Developing Countries

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Quality of fruits and vegetables is a combination of attributes or properties that give them value in terms of human food. Components of quality include appearance, texture, flavor, and nutritive value Table 1. Growers and shippers are concerned that their commodities have good appearance and few visual defects. But to them a useful cultivar of a given commodity must score high on yield, disease resistance, ease of harvest, and shipping quality.


Horticultural crops are not widely cultivated in Ethiopia due to small-scale farming systems and poor pre- and post-harvest handling techniques. It can be concluded that the horticulture crop producers in the Northern part of Ethiopia use different cultural practices adopted from innovative technologies and their own tradition cultural practice, and hence they have been increasing the potential for production of fruits and vegetables. However, there are many production constraints during cultivation, harvesting, transportation, marketing and consumption of fruits and vegetables, and hence post-harvest loss was listed as a main challenge to perishable crop producers. Therefore, designing further research on innovative technologies for access supply and consumption of horticultural crops should be required because they are more cash crops than other crops are. In addition, capacity building on post-harvest handling techniques of fruits and vegetables should be promoted. All stakeholders should work in collaboration to facilitate a sustainable production of fruits and vegetables in small-scale farmers with a long-term market access. Besides, involvement and participation of female headed households on production of horticultural crops should be practices to create awareness and sustain the livelihood of the community.

One of the main challenges facing Ethiopia today is to ensure food security for its highly increasing population growth. Although the country's production is much lower than the national demand, there are high post-harvest food losses. Among several causes at different levels, absence of infrastructure plays a critical role in quantitative and qualitative losses of mainly fruit, vegetable, root and tuber crops. This study was initiated to investigate impact of two different production areas having different road access on qualitative and quantitative loss of potato tuber in extended storage time. Load tracking approach was used by simulating existing postharvest handling and storage practice of potato tuber in the study area. Quantitative post-harvest loss assessment along the supply chains, qualitative loss and shelf life estimation at retail market were investigated using standard methods. Results showed that more mechanical damages and seepage loss were observed in case of poor road quality and transportation.

Isaac Kojo Arah, Gerald K. Box HP , Ho, Ghana. Tomato production has increased in recent years due to the economic and nutritional importance of the crop. This increase is made possible by the numerous research advances made along the entire value chain. However, scientific research has been focussed mainly on production whilst neglecting postharvest issues.

Review of Post-Harvest Losses of Fruits and Vegetables

Post-harvest Losses of vegetables and fruit occur at all points in the value chain from production in the field to the food being placed on a plate for consumption. Post-harvest activities include harvesting , handling, storage , processing , packaging , transportation and marketing. Losses of horticultural produce are a major problem in the post-harvest chain. They can be caused by a wide variety of factors, ranging from growing conditions to handling at retail level. Not only are losses clearly a waste of food, but they also represent a similar waste of human effort, farm inputs, livelihoods, investments, and scarce resources such as water.

One third of food produced is either lost or wasted. According to FAO, globally there is more loss of food in the supply chain before it reaches markets than due to food waste by consumers. It is to the benefit of all of the stakeholders—farmers, handlers, processors, traders and governments - to work on avoiding harvest and post-harvest losses as a solution to producing food for a growing population. Figure 1: Food loss and waste, according to FAO. Food loss is the reduction in quantity and quality of food in the production and supply chain from producers to the market. When food is lost or wasted, it does not just produce a financial impact, but also negatively effects other valuable resources such as land, water, and energy used to produce the food.

Metrics details. Horticultural crops are sources of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, but their cultivation is not widely practiced in developing countries, like Ethiopia due to small-scale farming systems and poor pre- and post-harvest handling techniques. In Ethiopia, particularly in northern region, the production of horticultural crops usually practiced in very few pocket areas, such as at river and lakesides. Thus, the production of fruits and vegetables is just at the beginning stage and getting momentum by governmental and non-governmental organizations. To assess the production potential and post-harvest losses of fruits and vegetables, a survey research was conducted in Tigray Regional State, northern Ethiopia. From the study area, Atsbiwenberta district was selected with its four purposely selected Kebeles Kebelle is the lowest administrative division of Ethiopia next to districts in each administrative region Ruwafeleg , Felegewoni , Golgolnaele and Hayelom in which respondents 30 households from each Kebele were participated.

Major causes of post-harvest losses in fruit and vegetable occur during harvesting, post-harvest handling and storage, processing stages, distribution and.

Post-harvest losses (vegetables)

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Post-harvest losses in fruits and vegetables: The Kenyan context

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Postharvest Quality Maintenance of Fruits and Vegetables in Developing Countries

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    Post harvest losses in fruits and vegetables · potato (%), okra (%), radish (%) and bottle gourd (%) [Gauraha, ]. · per cent.


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