stoelting pharmacology and physiology in anesthetic practice pdf

Stoelting pharmacology and physiology in anesthetic practice pdf

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Stoelting’s Pharmacology & Physiology in Anesthetic Practice

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Pharmacology and physiology in anesthetic practice

A detailed understanding of pharmacology and applied physiology is fundamental to the practice of anesthesiology, pain medicine, and perioperative medicine. Indeed, large portions of any of the major reference works in anesthesiology are specifically devoted to a comprehensive examination of anesthetic pharmacology and physiology. Is anything further required beyond these reference texts?

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Stoelting’s Pharmacology & Physiology in Anesthetic Practice

The 1st edition of this classic textbook appeared in and the 4th edition was published in This 5th edition has a change in authorship and style but retains much of the original character. The book is edited by three distinguished USA anaesthetists who have overseen the revision and collated contributions from a total of around 30 authors. This process has taken nearly seven yr and the text has been completely revised. The authors have made a good job of maintaining a uniform style throughout the text. Each section deals with both the physiology and the pharmacology. For example, the Circulatory system has 10 chapters of which four are physiology circulatory, cardiac, renal and fluids and electrolytes and six are on pharmacology Sympathomimetics, sympatholytics, vasodilators, antiarrhythmics, diuretics and lipid lowering drugs.

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Pharmacology and physiology in anesthetic practice

In a crowded landscape of anesthesiology textbooks, from comprehensive and specialty tomes to quick-access online resources, every work should be judged by what specific niche it fills. No resource can meet the needs of all audiences; each should be judged by how it serves its intended audience. The authors, recognized experts in their fields, and creators of numerous other textbooks and chapters on these subjects succeeded at accomplishing their stated goal of providing a broad and substantial overview of physiology and pharmacology that is both clinically relevant and highly readable. Since the last edition, the chapters have been reorganized; after initial introductory overview of chapters on physiology and pharmacology principles, the subsequent chapters are now grouped by organ system.

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Pharmacology and Physiology in Anesthetic Practice 4th Ed

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