rudolf otto mysticism east and west pdf

Rudolf otto mysticism east and west pdf

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A Comparative Analysis of the Nature of Mysticism

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Rudolf Otto and the Concept of the Numinous

At the time of writing, Stace was a professor of philosophy at Princeton University , where he had worked since after a year career in the Ceylon Civil Service. Time and Eternity was one of his first books about the philosophy of religion and mysticism , after writing throughout most of the s and s that was influenced by phenomenalist philosophy.

A Comparative Analysis of the Nature of Mysticism

The common core thesis contends that mystical experience is an ultimate non-sensuous experience of unity of all things. It can be identified within major faith traditions, whether explicitly religious or not. Its roots are in the work of William James who explored mystical experience outside the limits imposed by what he perceived as only a provisional natural science assumption of the newly emerging discipline of empirical psychology. Following the explicit phenomenological work of Walter Stace, the phenomenology of a universal core to mystical experience has been operationalized and an explicit psychometric measure developed to allow empirical assessment of the claim to a common core to mysticism. It is the linkage of psychometric approaches to the work of James and Stace that is now known explicitly as the common core thesis. The common core thesis needs to be delineated from the perennialist thesis popularized by Aldous Huxley in which there is postulated not only a common core experience, but also values and practices claimed to be associated with this experience if not directly derived from it.

The main philosophical influences for Otto's thought came from Fries, Schleiermacher, and Kant—from whom Otto derived the concept of the a priori nature of the numinous. However, the numinous does not appear to be a universally applicable category of experience, much less a priori , and in some cases may distort religious experience. The example of Hinduism demonstrated how easily the concept of the numinous may be applied to one. Download to read the full article text. Almond, P. Chapel Hill, N.

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The religious sublime is a key concept in our understanding of the relationship between humans and God. The chapter examines the humanist tradition of the sublime beyond Edmund Burke and the Romantics and analyzes how the sublime may be viewed through both aesthetic and religious lenses. The argument that the sublime is linked to reason and makes sense only in the context of a theistic mysticism is critiqued to show that as a category of the mind it is not exclusive to monotheistic religions alone. By examining a classic Hindu text it attempts to give it a different order of epistemological legitimacy. Keywords: aesthetics , Bhagavad-Gita , belief , Hinduism , literature , mysterium tremendum , reason , responsibility , sublime , theism.

Otto was particularly attracted to the thought of J. Like the beauty of a musical composition , it is non-rational and eludes complete conceptual analysis; hence it must be discussed in symbolic terms. Thus, The Idea of the Holy, while benefiting from earlier studies, represented for Otto a new venture and a radical shift in the nature and ground of his inquiry. The concern here was to attend to that elemental experience of apprehending the numinous itself. In such moments of apprehension , said Otto,. The feeling of it may at times come sweeping like a gentle tide pervading the mind with a tranquil mood of deepest worship. It has its crude, barbaric antecedents and early manifestations , and again it may be developed into something beautiful and pure and glorious. Mysticism East And West ptiff pdf. Addeddate: ​ Identifier:

Rudolf Otto and the Concept of the Numinous

The East has been for centuries the holy, the sacred, the source of life. Published Mysticism and religious traditions edited by Steven T. A Comparative Analysis of the Nature of Mysticism. Rudolf Otto was a German systematic theologian who contributed especially to the philosophy and history of religion. By means of this comparison, and by explaining the individual features of one type by those of the other, the nature of mysticism itself becomes gradually more comprehensible.

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