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Pros and cons of artificial intelligence pdf

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Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

Main Advantages of AI

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Artificial Intelligence is designing machines that have the ability to think. It is the intelligence of machines. The discussions about the importance of artificial intelligence in our life have gained momentum in recent years.

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It is capable of bringing considerable transformations in the way civilian activities and military operations are conducted. To put it simply, the key difference between deep learning and machine learning stems from the way data is presented to the system. Machine learning algorithms almost always require structured data, whereas deep learning networks rely on layers of the ANN artificial neural networks. Thus Data is the governor here. What are some of the examples of Artificial Intelligent Technologies?

Robotics and Automation: Robots can be programmed to perform high-volume, repeatable tasks normally performed by humans. For example, spam detectors look at the subject line and text of an email in order to decide whether it is junk. Pattern recognition is a subset of machine learning that seeks to identify patterns in data. For example, a machine learning program can differentiate cats from dogs among images of cats and dogs through pattern recognition like face, whiskers, etc.

Machine vision is the science of giving computers a vision by capturing and analyzing visual information using a camera, analog-to-digital conversion, and digital signal processing. AI assists digital assistants to make sense of various nuances in spoken language and synthesize human-like voices. But deep learning created a revolution in services such as Google Translate. But to be precise, AI still has a long way to go before it perfects human language, but so far, the advances are outstanding.

It has different uses, including unlocking your phone, paying with your face, and detecting intruders in your home. Image classification tools in addition to remote and locally sensed data can bring a revolutionary change in — utilisation and efficiency of farm machinery, weed removal, early disease identification, harvesting, and grading.

Furthermore, they have effective processors, multiple sensors and enormous memory, to showcase intelligence. Also, they can learn from their errors and hence can adapt to the new environment. Gaming: AI has a significant role in strategic games like chess, poker, tic-tac-toe, etc. Cyber Security : In the 20th conference on e-governance in India it was discussed that AI has the capability to strengthen cybersecurity ecosystem in India and should be explored further.

Space sector: Intelligent robots are fed with information and are sent to explore space. Since they are machines with metal bodies, they are more resistant and have a higher ability to endure the space and hostile atmosphere. Because they are created in such a way that they cannot be modified or get disfigured or breakdown in a hostile environment.

Mining sector: Artificial intelligence and the science of robotics can be put to use in mining and other fuel exploration processes. Not only that, these complex machines can be used for exploring the ocean floor and hence overcome the human limitations. Defence Sector: Artificial Intelligence AI based tools would aid the defence forces constructively in areas such as decision support, sensor data analysis, predictive maintenance, situational awareness, accurate data extraction, security, etc.

These tools will assist defence personnel in better operations, maintenance, and logistics support. The increasing accessibility of facial-recognition technology has also increased concerns with respect to privacy, security, and civil liberties. It is because AI is not the end of the road for humanity as we have a history of technological revolutions resulting in positive social and political changes in society such as steam engines, industrial revolutions and most recently the computers and internet.

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Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

Technology is an essential part of human progress. Whether it be sticks, stones or smart phones, tech has allowed us to excel in our environments. After all, computers are getting smarter, and artificial intelligence is more science-fact than science-fiction. Educators could soon find themselves at the head of a digital classroom with AI at its heart. What could possibly go wrong? Personalized Learning : Much attention is usually given to what students learn, with a historical tendency to focus on curriculum. However, how a student learns is just as important.

Main Advantages of AI

Artificial intelligence is not an imaginary future. It is here and now. AI is more than just auto-complete in our search engines, more than self-driving cars. From machine learning to robots, artificial intelligence offers us a rich array of technologies that enable machines to sense, comprehend, learn, and act.

The Benefits and The Disadvantages of The Artificial Intelligence

We all are experiencing the benefits of AI, scientists are speculating the brighter future for AI.

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Currently, artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics, in the real world and on the internet. On a daily basis, we are witnessing controversial claims about the pros and cons of the technology, ranging from: "it will help us erase all diseases", to "it will erase the human race". Nowadays, we are leaning towards thinking about the technology like it has some superpowers that can solve all types of issues that we are and will be facing in the future or just the opposite, it will create some of the worst problems that we have ever imagined. But in reality, is there any truth in these beliefs? Are we about to lose or gain more with the adoption of artificial intelligence? The opinions are far too polar, but the truth is that the buzz around artificial intelligence is unreasonable.

Technology is an essential part of the development and growth of humans. With technology becoming a part of our everyday lives, AI has become a topic of debates and discussions where technocrats consider it as a blessing and for some, it is a disaster. Having said that, we are still unsure about the future of artificial intelligence. Is artificial intelligence a threat or a blessing? Take out few minutes to analyze and see how dependent you are on AI or applications of AI? Both these applications make use of AI and are making our lives easier.

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Sign in. Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies which tries to simulate human reasoning in AI systems. John McCarthy invented the term Artificial Intelligence in the year An attempt will be made to find how to make machines use language, form abstractions, and concepts, solve kinds of problems now reserved for humans, and improve themselves. Artificial Intel l igence is the ability of a computer program to learn and think. Everything can be considered Artificial intelligence if it involves a program doing something that we would normally think would rely on the intelligence of a human. The advantages of Artificial intelligence applications are enormous and can revolutionize any professional sector.

Everything in excess is dangerous and so is the case with Artificial Intelligence. It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, that makes it significant. With the simulation of human intelligence, processes by machines that are especially computer systems include learning the acquisition of information and rules for using it. The reasoning uses rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions and self-correction. There is no doubt in saying that technology is an essential part of the development and growth of humans.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

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    It is capable of bringing considerable transformations in the way civilian activities and military operations are conducted.


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