certificate in international trade and finance pdf

Certificate in international trade and finance pdf

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Certificate In International Trade And Finance Specimen Paper Answers (2016-17) - V2.pdf

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Trade finance online training and certificate

International Trade & Commerce Certificate

The EIC is all you need in order to succeed in international markets. This easy-to-understand introduction to international trade is at the same time a detailed handbook for the experienced practitioner. International merchandise transactions are an important and central form of international business.

Trade barriers are government-induced restrictions on international trade, which generally decrease overall economic efficiency. Trade barriers are government-induced restrictions on international trade. Man-made trade barriers come in several forms, including:.

Certificate In International Trade And Finance Specimen Paper Answers (2016-17) - V2.pdf

Page Foreword 4 1. Introduction 5 2. What will you receive on successful completion? Any queries? It has a remit to provide the financial services industry with a skilled and competent workforce while also promoting a better understanding of finance amongst consumers. They bridge the academic and vocational divide to provide students with essential practical skills and the conceptual and analytical abilities of academic study.

It will enable you to demonstrate practical knowledge and understanding of complex issues relating to international trade products. The qualification is delivered under our Terms and Conditions. This means that you study on your own, either at home or wherever suits you — reading the printed core study text and online study guide and interacting with other students through the student-led forum. SUMMARY Achievement at Level 3 reflects the ability to identify and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to complete tasks and address problems that, while well defined, have a measure of complexity.

It includes taking responsibility for initiating and completing tasks and procedures as well as exercising autonomy and judgement within limited parameters. It also reflects awareness of different perspectives or approaches within an area of study or work. Interpret and evaluate relevant information and ideas. Be aware of the nature of the area of study or work. Have awareness of different perspectives or approaches within the area of study or work.

Identify, select and use appropriate skills, methods and procedures. Use appropriate investigation to inform actions. Review how effective methods and actions have been. Exercise autonomy and judgement within limited parameters.

You will be supported by printed study materials and an online course site. The course site contains the following support materials:. The assessment has been designed to test knowledge, understanding and application from across the syllabus and consists of two sections Figure 1.

Section A is assessed by 80 Section B is assessed by four stand-alone multiple-choice case studies each with 5 attached questions, with 1 mark available questions, with 1 mark available for each correct answer. There is no section pass marks for Section A or Section B. Adjustments may made be made accordingly. Results will be available online at www. Results will not be given by telephone, fax or email. Check that the exam paper and answer sheet that you have been given shows your name, candidate number, date of birth and exam subject.

If this is not correct, please raise your hand and speak to one of the invigilators immediately. If more than one box is clearly marked, both answers will be considered invalid. Any answers marked in the question paper or supporting documentation will be disregarded. You should arrive at the examination centre at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the examination. You must produce your attendance notice, which will detail the date, time and venue of your examination, and one of the following forms of government-issued identification:.

You will be allowed into the examination room during the first 30 minutes after the start of the examination. Entry after this time will be at the invigilator's discretion. You must not disturb any other students when taking your seat. Extra time during the examination will not be allowed, except when prearranged under the Reasonable Adjustments Policy and Procedures see Section 5.

In cases of emergency, you will be allowed to leave the examination room and return. During temporary absence you will be supervised. You may not take any material from the examination room or have access to any material during your absence. To avoid disturbance, you will only be allowed to leave the examination room within 30 minutes of the start or 15 minutes from the end of the examination. If you wish to leave before the end of the examination, you must raise your hand in silence and wait for the invigilator to collect your answer sheet, question paper and supporting documentation.

Your name and candidate number should already be written on the answer sheet, exactly as it appears on your attendance letter. If you are completing a blank answer sheet, please enter just the first ten letters of your name. You will be instructed when to begin the examination and when to stop. To allow you time to revise your answers, the invigilator will warn you when 15 minutes of the examination remain. Please note that answers must be recorded only on the optical mark reader OMR sheet — this is the answer sheet.

Any answers recorded on the examination paper itself will not be considered. During the examination, you must remain in your seat until you are told that you may leave. If, for exceptional reasons, you wish to speak to the invigilator during the examination, you must raise your hand in silence and wait for the invigilator to come to you. Smoking is not allowed. The use of programmable calculators is prohibited. You may use basic, silent, non-programmable desktop calculators.

You may not bring any printed materials, including dictionaries, into the examination room. You must not communicate with other students during the examination. The invigilator has the right to expel candidates from the examination room, if their behaviour is interfering with the proper conduct of the examination. Please refer to the Malpractice Policy and Procedures see Section 5.

At the end of the examination you must seal all documentation except the answer sheet inside the plastic bag provided with your pack and hand the bag and answer sheet to the invigilator. Candidates may defer once only free of charge. Subsequent deferrals will incur a deferral fee. After the deadline you have 3 weeks in which to defer but a fee is applicable, see the additional fees document for clarification of the fee payable. If you are unable to attend the examination due to circumstances beyond your control such as bereavement or personal illness, your deferral request will need to be supported by independent documentary evidence through the special considerations process.

Cases that will not be considered are those such as holidays, house or job move, or lack of preparation. It is important that the details we have recorded are correct, as they will be used as the basis for a number of activities, including generating certificates.

The examination questions will be designed to test your knowledge and understanding, and your ability to apply that knowledge and understanding, across the learning outcomes and assessment criteria. You should plan your studies to cover all the areas sufficiently. ITFE is designed to enable trade finance practitioners to understand international trade finance and the products, parties, processes and rules that underpin them.

The learning outcomes and assessment criteria that form the basis of your study for the ITFE unit can be found in the specification on the course site. In overview, section A of the examination paper concentrates on. The core study text will be sent to you in hard-copy format when you register, and you will have online access to other learning materials via the course site. All examination and specimen questions are based on, and referenced to, the content of the syllabus and the learning outcomes.

Please note that all course study materials and examination papers are written in British Standard English.

It is therefore very important that you fully familiarise yourself with the content of the syllabus for the ITFE unit, both at the outset of your preparation and as a reference point as you progress towards attempting an examination. It provides online access to:. When you post a message, it is best to be as specific as possible with your questions, detailing the topic reference and page s.

You will need to plan your study time carefully to ensure that you allow sufficient time to cover the content of the syllabus through reading the study materials. The assessment will be through a multiple-choice examination.

You will receive your certificate within 60 working days of successfully completing the qualification i. CDCS is the international benchmark of competence of documentary credit practitioners. CSDG is a specialist qualification for professionals that use demand guarantees in their everyday work.

The certificate provides the key knowledge and skills needed to operate effectively in a highly technical area of international trade. These include:. The Reasonable Adjustments policy explains how we ensure students with disabilities are not unfairly disadvantaged. We welcome all student feedback as we aim to continuously review and improve all our courses. If you have a complaint, please see our Complaints policy.

London-based, it is a registered charity incorporated by Royal Charter that exists to ensure a flow of talented individuals into the financial services industry and related sectors. Its qualifications enable individuals to reach their full professional potential and encourage appropriate and ethical practice.

It also works to enhance the financial wellbeing of future generations through its unique personal finance qualifications and wider financial capability initiatives. The International Chamber of Commerce is the largest representative business organisation in the world. The ICC Banking Commission is the largest commission within the ICC and is a leading ruling body for the banking industry globally, gaining a reputation for being the most authoritative voice in the field of trade finance.

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The CTFP is our advanced trade finance certification split over 9 courses, covering a range of trade finance techniques, and the final exam, all taken online. It will benefit new managers, product specialists, as well as senior transactional bankers. You have access to the courses and exam for 12 months, but you must complete the courses first to unlock the exam. The courses include quiz questions, case studies and transaction flow diagrams to help you grasp key concepts easily. You will be able to select your elective courses once you have purchased the CTFP and logged in to your account. You can see the full list of courses below. Once you pass, the CTFP certificate is valid for three years.

Trade finance signifies financing for trade, and it concerns both domestic and international trade transactions. A trade transaction requires a seller of goods and services as well as a buyer. Various intermediaries such as banks and financial institutions can facilitate these transactions by financing the trade. Trade finance manifest itself in the form of letters of credit LOC , guarantees or insurance and is usually provided by intermediaries. While a seller or exporter can require the purchaser an importer to prepay for goods shipped , the purchaser importer may wish to reduce risk by requiring the seller to document the goods that have been shipped.

The Certificate for Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCS) is a professional qualification that is recognised worldwide as a benchmark of.

Trade finance online training and certificate

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International Trade & Commerce Certificate

Page Foreword 4 1. Introduction 5 2. What will you receive on successful completion?

Trade Developer Portal. The Office of Finance and Insurance Industries OFII deploys a variety of policy, promotion, and analysis work to achieve the goals of expanding US financial services exports, attracting investment to the United States, and facilitating the growth and development of new and inclusive segments of finance. Primary areas of focus for OFII include insurance, financial technology, banking, impact investment, trade finance, securities, venture capital, private equity, access to capital, pensions, asset management, and non-bank financing. OFII is divided into two teams:. The International Trade Administration , U. Department of Commerce , manages this global trade site to provide access to ITA information on promoting trade and investment, strengthening the competitiveness of U.

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We use cookies on all our websites to gather anonymous data to improve your experience of our websites and serve relevant ads that may be of interest to you. Please refer to the cookies policy to find out more. By continuing, scrolling the page or clicking a link, you agree to the use of cookies. CITF will provide you with a detailed understanding of the core areas that underpin international trade, enhance your skillset and build your confidence. CITF is aimed at all professionals who are looking to develop their knowledge of trade finance. This certification will give you a detailed understanding of the products, documents, trade terms, roles and responsibilities that underpin trade finance and will also teach you how to apply this knowledge to real situations.

The Global Trade Certificate GTC is a state-of-the-art introductory programme providing a comprehensive overview of trade finance essentials. The GTC is aimed at transactional and relationship managers—as well as executives from management, credit, legal and compliance functions. Developed by a team of internationally renowned trade finance specialists, the programme consists of six core e-courses and a choice of three electives. Each e-course has been designed to build a solid foundation of key trade finance products and techniques from letters of credit to supply chain. This includes access to all six core e-courses and eight electives, in addition to a one time attempt at the assessment examination.

This course has been tailored for professionals in banking, commerce and trade industry who need to gain a closer understanding of International Trade Finance. The course provides a comprehensive foundation for understanding all aspects of International Trade Finance in a global context, covering the key principles, concepts, infrastructures, practices, issues, and current developments. This is a highly interactive course is comprised of a combination of prepared tuition, presentations, case studies, multidirectional discussions and comprehensive exercises. Most importantly it will offer participants, opportunities to plan such work within small working groups, providing practice in the application of the techniques and tools generating active participation. This section introduces the basics of trade finance.

Office of Finance and Insurance Industries

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