describing and learning teaching chapter 4 pdf

Describing and learning teaching chapter 4 pdf

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Teachers' Experiences with Transnational, Telecollaborative Language Learning Projects

Exercise: Case Simulations

Learning Targets

The provisions of this Chapter 4 adopted January 15, , effective January 16, , 29 Pa. Cross References. This chapter cited in 22 Pa.

Geography Alive! Regions and People actively connects students to the geography around the world using a case-study approach. Students begin by analyzing a lesson.

Teachers' Experiences with Transnational, Telecollaborative Language Learning Projects

While a classroom lecture is perhaps the image most commonly associated with direct instruction, the term encompasses a wide variety of fundamental teaching techniques and potential instructional scenarios. For example, presenting a video or film to students could be considered a form of direct instruction even though the teacher is not actively instructing students, the content and presentation of material was determined by the teacher. Generally speaking, direct instruction may be the most common teaching approach in the United States, since teacher-designed and teacher-led instructional methods are widely used in American public schools. For example, teachers may use direct instruction to prepare students for an activity in which the students work collaboratively on a group project with guidance and coaching from the teacher as needed the group activity would not be considered a form of direct instruction. In addition, the basic techniques of direct instruction not only extend beyond lecturing, presenting, or demonstrating, but many are considered to be foundational to effective teaching. For example:. In recent decades, the concept of direct instruction has taken on negative associations among some educators.

One of the first steps for becoming a successful student is to understand the learning process itself. Certain characteristics of effective learning, including the four-step learning cycle, are true of all people. At the same time, people have different learning styles. Understanding these processes is important for maximizing your own learning while in college. Adult learning is different from learning in primary and secondary school.

Abstract: Identification of the relevant content material that provides the foundation for knowledge of functional assessment and the multiple resources available to access it are noted. Several instructionally effective methods for teaching knowledge and clinical decision-making are then briefly described. The complex repertoire involved in using FA when designing interventions to decrease challenging behaviors of individuals with developmental disabilities requires knowledge and skills across diverse topic areas. A solid grasp of basic behavioral principles and procedures is essential to understanding the underpinning of challenging behaviors and the ways in which they can be modified. Important topics for college students to know include behavioral principles and procedures, behavioral definitions, ethics, methods of recording behavior, analyzing graphs, single participant research designs, functional assessment, intervention strategies, and evaluating treatment effectiveness, to name a few.

Exercise: Case Simulations

Once you reach one level, there's another one higher up to aspire to. This chapter focuses on key questions and indicators to assess the presence and utilization of instructional and administrative technology applications. The subject matter of this chapter is primarily software, but also includes other applications that have come to be considered important to a school's mission: electronic mail and other communications technologies, Internet and web access including web pages, access to online content, and the capacity to securely transmit data, as well as security-related applications. Assessing the presence and utilization of equipment is a necessary part of evaluating the impact of technology in schools, but it is hardly sufficient. A further step in assessment involves the extent to which applications important to schools' function are being run on this equipment. As with hardware, enterprises including schools and districts have a number of important reasons for tracking the installed base of software and applications; making sure software is properly licensed and unlicensed software is not running on school system machines is just one of them.

Learning targets provide students with tangible goals that they can understand and work toward. All rights reserved. The term target is used intentionally, as it conveys to students that they are aiming for something specific. The EL Education Core Practices use the following criteria to determine if a learning target is strong. Examine Table 1. The criteria listed above notes that learning targets are derived from standards. But what does that actually mean?

Learning Targets

The modules in this professional learning resource examine ideas relevant to the work of learning specialists. They guide participants in reflection and action, prompted by video from Dr Lyn Sharratt's presentations in and her 'Clarity' book. The modules are sequenced, but can be accessed in any order after completing module 1. Text required for all modules: Sharratt, L.

Chapter 4: Teaching Functional Assessment Content and Process

How can I use models, critique, and descriptive feedback in my classroom to inspire, engage, and motivate my students?

Ch. 4 Direct Instruction

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    The book begins with a chapter outlining the pedagogical and theoretical underpinnings of telecollaboration also known as Virtual Exchange , followed by eight chapters that explain telecollaborative project design, materials and activities as well as frank discussions of obstacles met and resolved during the project implementation.


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