solutions to bullying fear and learning in secondary schools in nigeria pdf

Solutions to bullying fear and learning in secondary schools in nigeria pdf

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Seminar Paper, 2019

Counselling Strategies for Resolving Disciplinary Problems in Nigerian Public Secondary Schools

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Cyberbullying is bullying which uses e-technology as a means of victimizing others. It is the use of internet media or mobile technologies such as email, chat room discussion groups, mobile phones, mobile phone cameras, web pages, text messages, with the intention of harming other persons. The methods used includes texting offensive messages on mobile phones, with students showing the message to others before sending it to the target; sending threatening emails and forwarding a confidential email to all address book contacts, thus publicly humiliating the first sender. Cyberbullying activities also include sending repeated negative messages, sexual and racist harassment, denigration, impersonation, trickery, exclusion and cyber stalking. The targeted person often feels powerless and may need help [2].

18 Pages, Grade: 2.8

Background : bullying and cyberbullying is a widespread phenomenon among young people and it is used to describe interpersonal relationships characterized by an imbalance of power. In this relationships often show aggressive behavior and intentional "harm doing" repeated over time. The prevalence of bullying among youth has been reported to vary widely among countries 5. Several school interventions have been developed to reduce bullying, but reported inconsistent results possibly related to limitations in the study design or to other methodological shortcomings. Aims : evaluating randomized-controlled trials RTCs conducted between and to assess the effectiveness of school interventions on bullying and cyberbullying.

This paper focused on school counselling strategies for resolving disciplinary problems in Nigerian public secondary schools. Disciplinary problems of students interfere with learning, divert administrative time, and contribute to teacher burn out. Schools often respond to disruptive students with exclusionary and punitive approaches that have limited value. Natures of Discipline Problems in Schools, Disciplinary Problems in Secondary Schools, etc were epistemological and empirical studied suggesting strategies which counselors should apply in resolving disciplinary problems in Nigerian secondary schools. Society itself could not function without the exercise of discipline. Using guidance and counseling to enhance discipline must be continuously being practiced if people are to work harmoniously for the achievement of common purpose. Hendrikz stresses that teachers and school administration have the responsibility of ensuring that students matures steadily along his own personal line.

Seminar Paper, 2019

Student conflicts in secondary schools are one of the most common challenges faced in the 21 st century in the modern world. Kenya has faced several incidents of student conflicts in Secondary schools mainly attributed to the cases of indiscipline and conflicts among students in the schools. In Kericho County, several incidences of student conflicts have been witnessed in the different schools, which have caused widespread material losses and other social impacts. The Specific objective was to examine the nature of Student Unrest in secondary schools in Kericho County. The study was underpinned by participative leadership theory and the functionalism theory. The study utilized the evaluation research design.

A guidance counselor is an indispensable part of any school administration in the elementary, middle school and high school levels. They are advocates in the students' whole being because they administer guidance of both their personal and school life. A counselor is usually licensed in their respective states and has a Master's degree in Arts, Science or Education. They have advance training in Psychology and Sociology to better assess the students' lives. They study different counseling techniques to address different needs.

School bullying , like bullying outside the school context, refers to one or more perpetrators who have greater physical or social power than their victim and act aggressively toward their victim by verbal or physical means. Historically, Thomas Hughes 's novel Tom Brown's School Days details intensive school bullying, but the first major scholarly journal article to address school bullying appears to have been written in Bullying is a subcategory of aggressive behavior that is characterised by hostile intent the harm caused is deliberate , imbalance of power real or perceived power inequality between bully and victim , and repetition over a period of time i. Bullying is thought by some to be associated with an imbalance of power. Bullies also tend to target people with physical impediments, such as speech impediments e. The majority of stutterers experience some degree of bullying , harassment, or ridicule during their school years from both peers and teachers who do not understand the condition. Victims of bullying typically are physically smaller, more sensitive, unhappy, cautious, anxious, quiet, and withdrawn.

Bullying in Nigerian Secondary Schools: Strategies for Counseling intervention climate and on the right of students to learn in a safe environment without fear. other students, although there are many other ways to bully a fellow student. victimized their fellow learners; 9% indicated that they were victims of bullies.

Counselling Strategies for Resolving Disciplinary Problems in Nigerian Public Secondary Schools

Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Download the "easy to read" version. An increase in school enrolments from 40 to 60 percent is applauded as a success, not recorded as a violation of the right to education of the 40 percent of children who remain excluded from school.

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