andhra pradesh court fees and suits valuation act 1956 pdf

Andhra pradesh court fees and suits valuation act 1956 pdf

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Andhra Pradesh Court Fees And Suits Valuation Act, 1956

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Memorandum of appeal under Arbitration and Conciliation Act, Appeal against order on application under section 9.

His Act, unless the context otherwise requires: i "Appeal" includes a cross objection;. No document which is chargeable with fee under this Act shall i be filed, exhibited or recorded in, or be acted on or furnished by, any court including the High Court, or. When a document on which the whole or any part of the fee payable under this Act has not been paid is produced or received in any Court or Public Office, the Court or the head of the office may, at any time, direct the person by whom such fee is payable to pay the fee or part thereof, as the case may, be within such time as may be fixed ; and upon such payment, the document shall be dealt with as if the full fee had been paid in the first instance. Save as otherwise provided, where the fee payable under this Act depends on the market value of any property, such value shall be determined as on the date of presentation of the plaint.


In all suits for recovery of movable property or its value and in all suits for maintenance and annuities, the fee payable shall be fixed in the same manner as in the suits for money subject to a minimum of Rs. In all suits for bare injunction, the fee shall be fixed as in money suits subject to a minimum of Rs. In all suits for enforcement of an agreement of sale or any other relief under the Specific Relief Act, , the fee shall be fixed as in suits for declaration of title to immovable property mentioned in Rule 7 and any other suit for recovery of possession under a contract of sale or otherwise or for the recovery of money under such a contract shall be treated likewise. All suits for recovery of money based upon accounts shall be treated as suits for the recovery of money for the purpose of these rules and the fee shall be fixed as provided for such suits herein. In all other original petitions relating to matrimonial causes, Land Acquisition matters, claims regarding Motor Vehicle Accidents, Claims under the Arbitration Act and grant of Succession Certificate or Letter of Probate the fee shall be fixed by the Court at not less than Rs. In all the above matters where the suit claims or petitions including original petitions mentioned above are settled out of Court or adjusted at any time before the judgment is pronounced or otherwise disposed of without contest, half of the fee shall be allowed.

Petitioner Counsel: Mr. Section 37 of the Court Fees Act, which deals with the suits for cancellation of decrees etc. If Section 37 of the Court Fees Act is interpreted in the light of the expression "save as otherwise provided" used in Section 7 of the Court Fees Act, it becomes clear that the rule enshrined therein is a clear departure from the one contained in Section 7 read with Sections 24, 26, 28, 29, 34, 35, 42 and 45, which provide for payment of Court Fee on the market value of the property. In that context, Section 37 is stand alone provision, wherein the legislature has designedly not used the expression "market value of the property". Section 37 of the Court Fees Act, therefore, contains a special rule for valuing the property for the purpose of Court Fee and jurisdiction and there is no reason why the expression "value of the property" used in Section 37 be substituted with the expression "market value of the property". Para Rajam Ammal Vs.

Know more. Load More. Sub-section 2 of Section 34 of the A. The Court of the Chief Judge subsequently has now called upon the plaintiffs P Court fees and Suits Valuation Act ,

Andhra Pradesh Court Fees And Suits Valuation Act, 1956

Parliament States Primer. Parliament States. State Assembly. Acts States. Andhra Pradesh. The D.

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Extent and commencement of Part I. Power for State Government to make rules determining value of land for jurisdictional purposes. Valuation of relief in certain suits relating to land not to exceed the value of the land. Act 7 of , in Maharashtra by Maharashtra Acts 4 of and 9 of This Act has been extended to- Transferred territories in Punjab by Pun.


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Suppose you are a legal heir but do not have any supporting documents, you could get the information about the property from the registration office. Schedule a minute call with a lawyer. How to calculate court fees for property partition in family We have two properties three brothers and one sister 1. Relinquishment of portion of claim. Recovery Suits. The fees payable in each petition for execution of a decree in a Small Cause or Original Suit shall be one-third in contested and one-fourth in un-contested cases of the fee allowable on the amount or value of the relief which is claimed in execution, as calculated under sub-rule 1 or sub-rule 2 as the case may be Rule 6, subject to a minimum of Rs.


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