gane and sarson structured system analysis and design pdf

Gane and sarson structured system analysis and design pdf

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CHAPTER 4 Data and Process Modeling (Phase 2: Systems Analysis)

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Structured systems analysis

You have been asked by your manager to examine a number of structured systems methodologies with a view to recommending the most appropriate one to be adopted by the company. Structured analysis is a software engineering technique that uses graphical diagrams to develop and portray system specifications that are easily understood by users.

CHAPTER 4 Data and Process Modeling (Phase 2: Systems Analysis)

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Begin by reviewing the system requirements to identify all external data sources and destinations 3. What makes one system more complex than another is the number of components, the number of levels, and the degree of interaction among its processes, entities, data stores, and data flows 4. The process is given the number zero. Shows all the outside entities that receive information from or contribute information to the system Slide 5. Each context diagram must fit on one page. The process name in the context diagram should be the name of the information system. Use unique names within each set of symbols.

When it comes to recording the results of a system analysis, there are so many diagramming tools and methods available that it can be difficult deciding which one to use. This paper compares the various graphical diagrams used in system analysis, focusing on those documentation models that have become industry standards. It is targeted for the reader who has an introduction to standard diagramming methods including flowcharts, entity-relationship, data-flow, and object-oriented diagrams, but not necessarily their supporting methodologies. We will explore the differences among the diagramming models used primarily within these methodologies. If you've had some exposure to these tools [ 13 ] even informally , this may help you get a better understanding of which diagramming model [ 14 ] should be used under different analysis conditions and settings.

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A set of DFDs provides a logical model that shows what the system does, not how it does it. DFD Symbols Process symbol A process receives input data and produces output that has a different content, form, or both. Process contain the business logic, also called business rules, that transform the data and produce the required results. Processing details are not shown in a DFD. Symbol names, and examples of the Gane an Sarson and Yourdon symbol sets. A data flow in a DFD represents one or more data items. Although the DFD does not show the detailed contents of a data flow, that information is included in the data dictionary.

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Structured systems analysis

Data Flow Diagram Software is the most popular Data flow diagram online tool that has numerous features to create professional quality data flow diagrams. Processes can be as simple as collecting input data and saving in the database, or it can be complex as producing a report containing monthly sales of all retail stores in the northwest region. The software is loaded with powerful features that let you create anything from block diagrams to organization charts, family trees, data flow diagrams, follow charts and much more easily and quickly.

What is a data flow diagram?

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    A DFD also shows how data is transferred from one process to another and to and from storage.

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