some thoughts on education and political priorities dominic cummings pdf

Some thoughts on education and political priorities dominic cummings pdf

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Published: 17.04.2021

On the worldview of Dominic Cummings and Michael Gove

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Some Thoughts on Dominic Cummings and Regulatory Impossibilities

Before the coronavirus crisis, academics in higher education were preparing for an intensification of the culture wars, when left-wing academics are denounced by right-wing politicians and their supporters as purveyors of communist propaganda Dickinson These attacks are often personal and avoid intellectual engagement with communist science. This threat has not gone away.

On the worldview of Dominic Cummings and Michael Gove

From to , he was a special adviser to Michael Gove , including the time that Gove served as Education Secretary , leaving when Gove was made Chief Whip in a cabinet reshuffle. From to , Cummings was director of Vote Leave , an organisation which successfully executed the referendum campaign for Britain's exit from the European Union. Cummings had a contentious relationship with Chancellor Sajid Javid which culminated in Javid's resignation in February after he refused to comply with Cummings's request to dismiss his special advisers.

In May , two leaders of opposition parties called for Cummings to resign after it was reported that he travelled to his parents' farm in Durham during the COVID pandemic lockdown. After he gave the reasons for his journey at a press conference in the garden of 10 and 11 Downing Street , Prime Minister Johnson supported his chief adviser by saying Cummings had acted "responsibly, legally and with integrity". Cummings was born in Durham on 25 November His father, Robert, had a varied career, primarily as an oil rig project manager for Laing , [1] the construction firm.

His mother, Morag, a university graduate, was a teacher and behavioural specialist. After attending state primary school, he was privately educated at Durham School [6] and Exeter College, Oxford , where he studied under Norman Stone , [7] graduating in with a First in Ancient and Modern History.

After graduating from Oxford in , Cummings moved to Russia and lived there until From to , Cummings was campaign director at Business for Sterling , the campaign against the UK joining the Euro. He soon left in frustration at the introduction of what he saw as half-measures, labelling Duncan Smith "incompetent". The New Frontiers Foundation, a free-market libertarian [14] and Eurosceptic think tank which grew out of Business For Sterling, [15] was founded by Cummings in December , with James Frayne as its co-founder.

Populist tactics used in this referendum were later seen as a precursor to ones used by Cummings during the Brexit referendum ; for example, Cummings argued against the Assembly on the basis of increased money for the NHS , [21] and toured the region with a huge prop white elephant.

In while in a position of what Andrew Neil called "overall responsibility" for the website of The Spectator , Cummings republished a controversial cartoon depicting Muhammed with a bomb in his turban.

This was the first time the cartoon had been published by any British news organisation and was removed after interventions from the publisher of The Spectator.

Cummings worked for Conservative politician Michael Gove in various roles in opposition and government from to Cummings was later appointed in February after Coulson's resignation. Cummings was known in the DfE for his blunt style and "not suffering fools gladly"; [8] [12] he and Michael Gove railed against the "blob", the informal alliance of senior civil servants and teachers who, in their opinion, sought to frustrate attempts at reform. During his time as an official working for Gove, Cummings received a warning from the Information Commissioner's Office ICO for use of private Gmail accounts to deal with government business, saying it should be 'actively discouraged'.

In , Cummings left his job as a special adviser and noted that he might endeavour to open a free school. Cummings became campaign director of Vote Leave upon the creation of the organisation in October Cummings was praised alongside Elliott as being one of the masterminds of the campaign. He advised Babylon Health on its communications strategy and senior recruitment up to September The Labour Party opposition spokesman Jon Ashworth said the links between Cummings, the health secretary and Babylon were "increasingly murky and highly irresponsible".

In March , the Commons Select Committee of Privileges recommended the House issue an admonishment for contempt of Parliament after Cummings failed to appear before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee inquiry into claims of false news during the referendum campaign. In July , the lawyer and political commentator David Allen Green asked Cummings via Twitter, "Is there anything which could now happen or not happen which would make you now wish Leave had not won the referendum result?

I said before REF was dumb idea, other things should have been tried 1st. On his appointment, The Guardian reported that at a conference in Cummings had argued that: "People think, and by the way I think most people are right: 'The Tory party is run by people who basically don't care about people like me ' "; and that "Tory MPs largely do not care about these poorer people. They don't care about the NHS.

And the public has kind of cottoned on to that". The Daily Telegraph reported on Cummings's past rivalry with Nigel Farage from the referendum campaign , and quoted Farage as saying that: "He has never liked me. He can't stand the ERG. I can't see him coming to any accommodation with anyone. He has huge personal enmity with the true believers in Brexit".

Cummings had previously described such subsidies as "absurd", complaining that some of them were handed out to "very rich landowners to do stupid things". In November , a whistleblower raised questions about Cummings's interactions during his years in Russia; The Sunday Times reported that Whitehall was keeping certain government business from Cummings.

As is customary procedure, Cummings temporarily resigned his role when Parliament dissolved for the general election , along with most special advisers, but was briefly reinstated to assist the government following widespread flooding.

According to Politico , Cummings played a role in the Conservative Party's victory in the election, [59] after having passed the party's running of the election campaign to Isaac Levido. After the election, Cummings called for people interested in working in government to contact him through a private Gmail address.

In a blog post, he said he wanted to recruit data scientists, software developers and economists to help improve the performance of government, making his own role "within a year largely redundant". Proposals to decriminalise non-payment of the BBC licence fee A boycott of [government ministers appearing on] Radio 4's Today programme was meant to last until 'they better understand the country' but was dropped after a few months.

When the full scale of the coronavirus pandemic became apparent, Cain gathered journalists together and promised a more cooperative attitude to fit the times. He also added that "one senior Tory who thought about applying to be Beeb chair" told him that calls for the BBC's "cultural re-education", which many assumed came from Cummings, actually came from Munira Mirza , director of the Number 10 Policy Unit.

The dismissal occurred during preparations for suspending parliament , which Cummings had planned and which would limit the time in which MPs could block a no-deal Brexit.

According to The Guardian , Cummings believed that Khan had been dishonest about her recent contact with her ex-boss, previous Chancellor and no-deal opponent Philip Hammond , and, according to an unconfirmed report, dismissed her after summoning her to 10 Downing Street and viewing recent activity on her phones, and then asked an armed officer to enter the building and escort Khan off the premises.

Former attorney general Dominic Grieve said that the cabinet secretary should hold an inquiry and that "it was wrong of the police to get involved". Dal Babu, former chief superintendent of the Metropolitan police, said it was "a shocking abuse of armed officers" and that the police should be asking questions of both Cummings and the Prime Minister about an abuse of process.

Sonia Khan, supported by the FDA trade union , took a claim for unfair dismissal to an employment tribunal , arguing Cummings was pivotal to a claim of sex discrimination. The hearing was scheduled for December at which Cummings was due to give evidence, but in November a "five-figure" financial settlement of the claim was agreed. Javid "voiced anger" to Johnson over the dismissal of Khan [69] and Cummings faced the prospect of a probe by a governmental ethics watchdog following the dismissal.

In the weeks leading up to the February reshuffle, a number of briefings in the press had suggested that a new economic ministry led by Rishi Sunak might be established, to reduce the power and political influence of the Treasury. Sunak was considered to be a Johnson loyalist, favoured by Cummings. On 13 February , the day of the reshuffle, Javid resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer, following a meeting with the Prime Minister.

During the meeting, Johnson had said Javid could keep his position on the condition that he dismiss all of his advisers at the Treasury, who would be replaced with ones selected by Cummings. Upon resigning, Javid told the Press Association that "no self-respecting minister would accept those terms". The Chancellor's resignation was unexpected, given Johnson's commitment to retain Javid within the Cabinet, and recent reports that an alternative finance ministry would not be made.

Robert Shrimsley, chief political commentator of the Financial Times , stated that the Prime Minister's choice of Cummings over Javid at the time risked damaging the government, that "good government often depends on senior ministers — and the Chancellor in particular — being able to fight bad ideas". In March , it was reported in The Sunday Times that during a private engagement the previous month, Cummings had said that the government's strategy towards the coronavirus was "herd immunity, protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die, too bad".

The spokesman for 10 Downing Street decried the article as "a highly defamatory fabrication" which "includes a series of apparent quotes from meetings which are invented". A joint investigation by the Daily Mirror and The Guardian , published on 22 May, alleged that Cummings had broken lockdown rules by travelling to Durham in late March. This report triggered criticism of Cummings at the time as the government had instructed people to remain at home unless absolutely necessary, with certain provisos.

On 25 May, Cummings made a public statement in the garden of 10 Downing Street , giving the following account of his actions during the time in question. On 27 March Cummings received a phone call at work from his wife to say that she was feeling ill.

After going home to check on her, he returned to work. Later that day, the couple discussed her health and thought it was possible she had caught COVID, even though she was not displaying the symptoms at the time.

They were both worried that they would become too weak to look after their four-year-old son if he became ill as well. He stated that the lockdown regulations allowed journeys to facilitate child care as necessary journeys and he believed that this trip was therefore allowed. On 28 March he woke up with what were clearly COVID symptoms, which got worse so that he barely left his bed over the following days. This was three days after Boris Johnson had tested positive for the virus.

Cummings said he was too ill to go to the hospital but his wife went by ambulance and he collected them by car the next day, but did not get out of the car. He said that on 12 April Easter Day he was well enough to return to London.

He continued that he drove the family to the town of Barnard Castle 30 miles away to assess whether he was well enough to drive, as his wife was concerned that the disease had affected his eyesight. Cummings's statement was met with scepticism from both the media and the public. Cummings said they were not there and were already in London and had not returned to Durham. On 28 May, Durham Police said that they did not consider an offence was committed by Cummings in travelling from London to Durham.

Had this advice been accepted by Mr Cummings, no enforcement action would have been taken. He said that amongst these mistakes there were three apparent breaches of the advice or rules. The first was Cummings's brief return to work before they left for Durham, the second was the trip to Durham instead of staying at home and the third was the visit to Barnard Castle.

He was photographed leaving Number 10 with a storage box. The Times said that Edward Lister would be promoted to replace him for an interim period, but that Lister was also due to leave in January. Cummings has described his political views as "not Tory Conservative , libertarian, 'populist' or anything else".

Extremists are on the rise in Europe and are being fuelled unfortunately by the Euro project and by the centralisation of power in Brussels. It is increasingly important that Britain offers an example of civilised, democratic, liberal self-government. At an Ogilvy conference in , Cummings stated his belief that the EU, rather than solving issues, was fuelling radicalism and extremism due to a perceived lack of control over issues such as economy and immigration:.

For me And to me the EU project, the Eurozone project, are driving the growth of extremism. The single most important reason, really, for why I wanted to get out of the EU is I think that it will drain the poison of a lot of political debates Once there's democratic control of immigration policy, immigration will go back to being a second- or third-order issue.

Cummings has frequently criticised what he sees as a London-centred political system that failed to countenance the UK's voting to leave the European Union. Cummings has said he has never been a member of a political party. In , they had a son, [] [] Alexander Cedd named after an Anglo-Saxon saint []. In the revival of Spitting Image , Cummings' puppet was portrayed "as a creepy alien with a pulsating head who drools at the prospect of eating Johnson's baby".

He was voiced by Daniel Baker. Cummings is registered as a director of the non-trading company Klute Ltd, which formerly owned the Klute nightclub in Durham, [] [] and Dynamic Maps Ltd, an information technology consultancy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British political strategist. Mary Wakefield.

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You have to sympathise with Dominic Cummings, education secretary Michael Gove's outgoing adviser, although I suspect there are many in the educational establishment who do not. He has recently produced an astonishing paper entitled " Some thoughts on education and political priorities " which, for all its breadth and depth, fails to come up with any substantive or practical ideas for how a government should go about the business of providing a public education system. And the reason for this, I suspect, is a failure to come to grips with a fundamental contradiction that lies at the heart of his thinking. A failure which, at some point, his obvious intelligence will require he has to come to terms with - hence my sympathy for him. So what is this astonishing paper?

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The Duke of Wellington once remarked that the battle plans of Napoleon were made of marble, whereas his own were made of little bits of string. However, they all shared one fatal flaw: if one little bit went wrong then the whole edifice came crashing down. Wellington said that his own battle plans were different: if one string broke, he would merely knot two other strings together and the plan would continue on.

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some thoughts on education cummings

From to , he was a special adviser to Michael Gove , including the time that Gove served as Education Secretary , leaving when Gove was made Chief Whip in a cabinet reshuffle. From to , Cummings was director of Vote Leave , an organisation which successfully executed the referendum campaign for Britain's exit from the European Union.

Some Thoughts on Dominic Cummings and Regulatory Impossibilities

Although the fact that it took place in the context of the broader Coronavirus crisis meant that it received relatively little publicity or attention, the central argument of this article is that the lecture provides great insight into the ideas shaping government policy, in general, and into the inner mind of Dominic Cummings, in particular. The Ditchley Annual Lecture dates back over fifty years and is used to focus attention on a specific pressing theme, to build a network of interested people and to draw new talent into future debates and discussions. To review the list of previous lecturers and topics is to look upon an incredibly distinguished list of speakers exploring some of the most profound issues facing humanity. This failure to follow traditional conventional courtesy is, we suggest, symptomatic of a deeper strain of thinking that imbues this lecture and which urgently needs to be foregrounded as part of a broader debate about the future of democracy, civil service reform and the role of technology at the intersection between the governors and the governed. Indeed, what makes the Ditchley Lecture particularly significant is that, despite its best efforts, it does not stand alone and is in fact a key element of a broader process through which core members of the current government are seeking to develop, refine and most of all test out their ideas about the nature and scope of the reform agenda they feel is necessary. Let us be very clear from the outset: although Michael Gove may have stood at the lectern or possibly in the context of Covid been digitally channelled to his distributed audience at the agreed time this was not his lecture; the lecture has a schizophrenic quality, as we will illustrate, in the sense that some sections possess a clear and calm quality whereas others adopt a rather frenzied and deeply disruptive quality. More relevant to those interested in understanding the broader significance of the Ditchley Lecture is the way in which Chomsky used his article to distinguish between two types of intellectual.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Posted in: Political ideologies , UK politics. Some years ago I wrote a blog on Dominic Cummings, an adviser to Michael Gove and one of the key architects of the Leave campaign. The blog focused on a long essay he had published on leaving the Department for Education. The blog is no longer available on-line, but a few people have asked me for it, so in light of recent events, I thought I would republish it.

Yet, all the same, two hands, they are a lot. There are many brilliant people in the civil service and politics. Over the past five months the No10 political team has been lucky to work with some fantastic officials.


Metrics details. The article generated on-line reader comments from the public. Findings offer some insight into the challenges involved in conducting public discourse about the relevance of genes in education. For reasons both historical and conceptual, genetic science is often misunderstood by the general public Tabery There is a false but widespread belief that traits that show genetic influence are in some way pre-determined and unmalleable. This misconception can generate hostility and a fear that opening the door to genetic research will open a door to discrimination Tabery ; Munafo

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Some Thoughts on Education and Political Priorities

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