reforming fiscal federalism and local government pdf

Reforming fiscal federalism and local government pdf

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OECD Fiscal Federalism Studies

Reforming Canadian Fiscal Federalism: The Case for Intergovernmental Disentanglement

OECD Fiscal Federalism Studies

Provincial premiers, for instance, recently called on the federal government to permanently increase the Canada Health Transfer in order to raise the federal share of health-care spending from 22 percent to 35 percent.

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OECD Fiscal Federalism Studies

Reform of the systems of intergovernmental fiscal relations in Central and Eastern Europe is both complementary to and a necessary part of the economic and political reforms underway. As these countries transform themselves from planned economies to market economies and from communist regimes to democracies, the previous assignments of fiscal functions and power sharing arrangements between different levels of government are no longer viable nor desirable. Each country must institute a system of intergovernmental fiscal relations compatible with the emerging order. The initial conditions and the reforms currently under consideration indicate major differences among these countries. The federal states of Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia have three distinct levels of government: the federation, republics, and communes. The primary intergovernmental fiscal issue is the delineation of powers between the federal government and the republics.

Items in EconStor are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Economic crisis and fiscal federalism in Italy. The causes were both economic and political. Yet, in recent years, again economic and political causes seem to call for opposite reforms. Along with a second wave of scandals, this time interesting local politicians, the crisis that has hit our country since is having relevant effects on the relationships between central and local governments. The aim of this paper is to assess dimension and direction of these effects.

Reforming Canadian Fiscal Federalism: The Case for Intergovernmental Disentanglement

Fiscal reform and federal relations: Brazilian deadlocks. E-mail basil usp. E-mail guildias usp. Brazilian fiscal reform got to deadlocks because proposals tried to avoid considering federal relations. There are two main types of federal relations: the competitive and the cooperative.

The review is sequenced under the following heads: fiscal decentralization, structure of local bodies, resources of local bodies, imbalances in revenues and responsibiliti fiscal transfers, role in economic development, etc. The international studies, are reviewed initially followed by the studies done in the Indian context. In the last section, an attempt has been made to bring out the major observations emerging from the review of literature. Therefore, it is pertinent to start with examining the theoretical aspects of fiscal decentralization so that the role and relevance of the municipal finances can be established on a sound footing. Oates The theory contends that welfare would be maximized if each local government provides the Pareto-efficient output for its constituency. Two major factors in favour of decentralisation are enumerated in literature as follow: i The central government, while remaining more concerned with the functions like economic stabilization, income distribution and resource allocation that have macro implications, often neglects the activities relating to provision of basic services.

Beyond the Zero-Sum Game. This book describes and examines reforms of fiscal federalism and local government in 10 OECD countries.

OECD Fiscal Federalism Studies

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