traditional and modern concept of marketing pdf

Traditional and modern concept of marketing pdf

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Published: 30.03.2021

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What is a Marketing Insight?

Description Traditional And Modern Concept Of Marketing Pdf

HA- Company Orientations to the Marketplace.

Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product, service, or good. It is one of the primary components of business management and commerce. Known as market orientations, they determine how marketers will approach the planning stage of marketing. The marketing mix, which outlines the specifics of the product and how it will be sold, [6] [7] is affected by the environment surrounding the product, [8] the results of marketing research and market research , [9] [10] and the characteristics of the product's target market.

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Marketing has always existed and is a concept that is not new however the way of doing marketing has evolved over the past decades and some would classify the way marketing was done a few years or decades back as traditional marketing while marketing of the present is referred to as modern marketing. There is a number of traditional marketing strategies that are still used today but these will surely become irrelevant in the future as the world is moving into a more modern and technological approach to marketing. Traditional marketing is focused at selling the products produced while modern marketing focuses more on the customer satisfaction. It is about looking at the needs of the customer. Traditional marketing used mediums such as boards, pamphlets, radio, television for advertising while modern marketing not only uses the traditional marketing but also uses modern methods like online marketing, social media marketing and many more to communicate to their audience. The rapid growth in technology and digitalisation is shaking up a number of things that have been a part of traditional marketing before and will pave way for a more digitalised solution.

Marketing concepts or philosophies refer to a general thought or idea, which is used by firms to effectively and efficiently achieve their goals through identification and satisfaction of consumer needs and wants. Exchange concept — Under exchange marketing concept the exchange of a product between buyer and seller was the central idea of marketing. Production concept — It was believed that consumers will prefer products that are widely available and inexpensive. The production concept aims at achieving profit through high production efficiency at low cost and wide scale distribution. Product concept — This marketing concept holds the belief that consumers will prefer those products that are high in quality, performance and are innovative.

Same philosophy cannot result in a gain to every business, hence different businesses use different marketing concepts also called marketing management philosophies. Marketing and marketing concepts are directly related. Given the importance of customer needs and wants in marketing, we have to understand them correctly. They have been defined long time ago as this:. There are numerous marketing concepts which are used by marketers as a reference in the marketing field. Image source.

What is a Marketing Insight?

Marketing is a socio-economic process and the process of a company associated with buying and selling of goods and services. It includes advertising, selling and distributing products to the people. The main aim of marketing is to meet the needs of society. Marketing is everything that a company does to acquire a customer and maintain the relation with customers. The communication between a company and the consumer audience that aims to increase the value of the company or its merchandise or, at its simplest, raises the profile of the company and its products in the public mind is called Marketing. In other words, marketing means identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer's need and desires. Marketing can be classified into two aspects: they are a narrow and broad concept where narrow concept refers to the physical transfer of goods and services from the producer to the consumers and broad concept refers to the functions before production to after sales services which facilitate the transfer of ownership.

market and the marketer. But the question is why should we adopt modern marketing concept while traditional marketing is. easy and painless.

Description Traditional And Modern Concept Of Marketing Pdf

This term places the priority on the consumer not making a profit. Accomplishing this task is the motivation for all business marketing decisions and making the consumer happy is the ultimate goal. Following the aspects of modern marketing concepts not only is beneficial for consumers but can also be beneficial for the businesses serving them.

Thanks to the accessibility the internet provides, a lot of businesses are using the digital landscape to reach a wider audience. With two marketing concepts to choose from, many business owners find it challenging to implement a marketing strategy that works best for their brand. Fortunately, this article can help business owners reach a decision by discussing the contrasts of the two marketing strategies.

Traditional and Modern Marketing Concept

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Approved

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Definitions of Marketing

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