aptitude questions on lcm and hcf pdf

Aptitude questions on lcm and hcf pdf

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Published: 27.03.2021

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Problems on HCF and LCM Questions and Answers

LCM and HCF Questions for Competitive Exams

Aspirants who are going to appear for various competitive exams are advised to check the LCM and HCF Questions pattern before starting preparation.

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Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers contains concepts and test papers on many topics such as average, numbers, compound interests, partnership, problem on ages, calendar, boats and streams, clock, height and distance, percentage, pipes and cisterns, profit and loss, speed, time and distance, simple interest, problem on trains, time and work, etc. After 6 months Mohan joined as a partner by investing Rs. After one year they earned total profit Rs. What is share of Sohan in the profit? Apply formula:.

Correct Option: b We know different methods to calculate H. Finding H. Correct Option: c Remember: The question may be asked in a tricky way. We have to find the least number. In this case, 20 is not divisible by 3, hence, write down as it is. Correct Option: a Largest 4-digit number is

Problems on HCF and LCM Questions and Answers

The minimum number of LCMs that are absolutely divisible from each given number is called the least common multiple LCM. On the other hand, HCF is the greatest common factor for those numbers, the largest number dividing two or more numbers. These questions are very easy and once they are well-understood students can solve them in a short time. So, here today in this article, we are making you aware of all those important questions, which will be helpful for successful results in your competitive examinations. In this post, we have given information about the questions related to the least common multiple LCM and the maximum common factor HCF. Show Answer.

LCM and HCF Questions for Competitive Exams

Find the least number which when divided by 12, 27 and 35 leaves 6 as a remainder? Find the 4-digit smallest number which when divided by 12, 15, 25, 30 leaves no remainder? Find the least number which when divided by 2, 3, 4 and 5 leaves a remainder 3. But when divided by 9 leaves no remainder? Four Iron metal rods of lengths 78 cm, cm, cm and cm are to be cut into parts of equal length.

Find the H. The prime numbers common to given numbers are 2,5 and 7. On dividing the numerator and denominator by 23, we get :. Find the L. Making the same number of decimal places, the given numbers are 0.

HCF is Highest common factor, so we need to get the common highest factors among given values. Lets solve this question by factorization method. As in HCF we will choose the minimum common factors among the given.. So answer will be third option. Whenever we have to solve this sort of question, remember the formula.

LCM and HCF Questions PDF for Railway NTPC Exams

In this section you can learn and practice Aptitude Questions based on "Problems on H. F and L.


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    All students, freshers can download Aptitude Problems on H.C.F and L.C.M quiz questions with answers as PDF files and eBooks. Where can I get Aptitude.


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