sql server tricks and tips pdf

Sql server tricks and tips pdf

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10 Tips & Tricks To Work With SQL Server Management Studio

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Using SQL Operators

Post a Comment Feel free to comment, ask questions if you have any doubt. Pages Home core java spring online courses thread java 8 coding sql books oop interview certification free resources best. Hello Guys, today, I am going to share some of the excellent database and SQL server books that are freely available on the internet for reading online or download as PDF. If you have been reading this blog then you know that I love books, I love to read books, and I love to collect books, that's why I have a significant online and offline library. Many people question me, do I really find to read all the books which I share?

10 Tips & Tricks To Work With SQL Server Management Studio

In this article, I will be sharing some beneficial Tips and Tricks which will give you an extra edge in your day to day work, and in the process take your productivity to the next level. I would highly recommend you to go through my last 2 articles relating with SSMS Productivity, if you have not gone through it already —.

This often becomes unmanageable and difficult to keep track of. SSMS provides us with an ability to set different colors for connection to separate environments. The color is displayed in the SSMS status bar, at the bottom. Hence when you connect with a particular environment, it uses the same assigned color. This presents a visual indication of the environment in which you are running your scripts.

SSMS provides a number of standard database level reports out of the box for performance monitoring and troubleshooting purpose. The best thing about these reports are that it encapsulates all the complexity behind generating them and displays the results in the form of graphical reports — which can be used in any of your presentations.

You can also use this wizard to generate insert scripts for your tables. Be default, the wizard allows you to generate scripts for the table schema only. This is a handy tip and can save you time, if you stumble into scenarios where intellisense does not function as expected. Most of you must have had instances where you lose your unsaved work — due to SSMS crashes or sudden machine reboots due to a windows update.

This is not a substitute to saving your work on a regular basis, but for sure can minimize your data loss and save rework time, in the case of unfortunate incidents. Based on the above setting, SSMS tries to recover the unsaved queries and prompts a dialog box to the user, in the case of an unexpected SSMS shutdown.

If due to some reason, you so not get the file recovery prompt, you can navigate to the folder location below where the backup files are located. A superlative knowledge of the IDE helps you to code and work faster. By default, SSMS has a fixed number of buttons added to the toolbar, but you can always personalize the button bars as per your needs. Having all the frequently used functions right in front of you in the toolbar gives you quick access, helps you become more productive, focus on your work and get more stuffs done in less amount of time.

You can do the same by getting rid of features, which you do not use frequently. The result will be a much cleaner toolbar, on which you have complete control on. While working on your code changes in SQL Server, you might need to refer the internet multiple times. With this handy tip, there is no need to leave SSMS and open a web browser to search for the required information.

This is sometimes frustrating because it makes the navigation between long lines of code tougher. Once you select the Line numbers checkbox, click OK and return to the Query Editor, you will see that line numbers have been enabled.

SSMS has a number of hidden features which might not have been advertised much, but knowing these tips and tricks will make your life so much easier.

I would highly recommend you to start using these tips and tricks in your day to day work, and you will realize the increase in your overall productivity and efficiency. Author Recent Posts. Samir Behara. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP with over 13 years of IT experience working on large-scale enterprise applications involving complex business functions, web integration, and data management in various domains like Insurance, Manufacturing and Publishing.

He is the author of www. Latest posts by Samir Behara see all.

Download Sql Server Tips And Tricks Pdf

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The following tips and tricks can interest you:. You can easily ignore specific stories by unfollowing them. Unfollowing a story removes the story from you Most Recent Feed. You can unfollow a story even though you are following the server or person who initiated the story. If the ignored story becomes important later and you want to follow it again, click Follow in the story summary on the application, server, or the wall of your coworker. Also, you can bookmark a story, so you can access it later. To search a specific story, you can easily revisit performance issues and see how they were resolved.

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Using SQL Operators

Even though I have worked in it almost every day for over 7 years, I am still finding time saving efficiencies from time to time. Most people keep the Object Explorer open to browse tables, procedures and databases, but it also has a drag and drop feature which can assist in query writing. Reporting Services is great. It gives a deployable target for sharing your business reports with coworkers for business needs.

10 SSMS Tips and Tricks to boost your Productivity

This article shows you how to:.


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    In this article, I will be sharing some beneficial Tips and Tricks which will give you an extra edge in your day to day work, and in the process take your productivity to the next level.

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