the damned and the beautiful american youth in the 1920s pdf

The damned and the beautiful american youth in the 1920s pdf

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The Flapper and the Fogy: Representations of Gender and Age in the 1920s

The Damned and the Beautiful

The Mead/Freeman Controversy is Over: A Retrospect

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The Flapper and the Fogy: Representations of Gender and Age in the 1920s

Paula S. Fass begins by considering the role of the school as a fundamental component of social formation, particularly in a nation of immigrants like the United States. She goes on to examine children as both creators of culture and objects of cultural concern in America, evident in the strange contemporary fear of and fascination with child abduction, child murder, and parental kidnapping. Finally, Fass moves beyond the limits of American society and brings historical issues into the present and toward the future, exploring how American historical experience can serve as a guide to contemporary globalization as well as how globalization is altering the experience of American children and redefining childhood. As a new generation comes of age in a global world, it is a vital contribution to the study of childhood and globalization. Fass, a pioneer and pace-setter in the burgeoning field of children's history, demonstrates that a knowledge of history is essential to understanding contemporary controversies over child protection, the commercialization of childhood, multiculturalism in public schools, and the impact of globalization. William S.

King, Wilma. Indiana University Press, , pp. ISBN: Marten, James. NYU Press, Brewer, Holly.

The Damned and the Beautiful

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: In the s in the United States, public attention was riveted on the antics of a new, rebellious younger generation. Although popular representations focused on youth in crisis, these representations emphasized comparisons between young and old.

paula s. fass. The Damned and the Beautiful: American Youth in the 's. Oxford University Press. Pp. xii, $ · Cite · Article PDF.

The Mead/Freeman Controversy is Over: A Retrospect

The socio-epidemiological Midtown Manhattan Longitudinal Study, covering four decade-of-birth cohorts born since , has yielded data that challenge those claims. To explain serendipitous findings of intergeneration differences between Midtown men and women on measures of subjective well-being, a theory is advanced based on changes in the status and roles of women since the late Victorian era. Possible policy implications for preventive psychiatry are discussed, and further follow-up research outlined for the specialty field of socio-psychiatric history. Srole L, Fischer AK.

Paula S. Trained as a social and cultural historian of the United States at Barnard College and Columbia University, she has over the last two decades been active in developing the field of children's history and worked to make this an interdisciplinary field with a global perspective. She was the President of the Society of the History of Children and Youth, which she helped to found, from With Mary Ann Mason, she edited Childhood in America , the first anthology in children's history. Her family memoir, Inheriting the Holocaust: A Second Generation Memoir recounts and examines her experiences as the daughter of concentration camp victims eager to understand the history of her new country and culture.

The damned and the beautiful: American youth in the 1920's

One morsel review : Well-informed dissertation about life of the new youth of the Roaring Twenties.

The Damned and the Beautiful: American Youth in the 1920s

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