indian music and the west gerry farrell pdf

Indian music and the west gerry farrell pdf

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Indian music and the West

Talk:Sitar in popular music

Music and Empire in Britain and India pp Cite as. In different ways, it made clear that both Britons and Indians with an interest in Indian music tapped from a wide configuration of imperial ideas, which included for example nationalist, evolutionary, and racial concepts, as well as Orientalist constructions of India and the notion that the West was the home of the modern and the scientifically advanced. By and large, it argued that the imperial encounter led to the emergence of aesthetics in music that often were more or less similar at once in Britain and India as part of larger processes of national identity formation and rationalization. The resulting dominant musical formations and related forms of social consciousness largely followed high cultural norms and to a great extent overlapped with the modernizing goals of the British civilizing mission.

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Please note that this product is not available for purchase from Bloomsbury. Until then, Indian music was terra incognita in the West. When the same album was reissued as a CD in , under the title Then and Now ,it was nominated for a Grammy. In the last 50 years, there has been the explosive influence of Indian music and culture in the West. Words such as karma, yoga, raga, nirvana, all once unknown here, have entered the language. Most famously, the wonders of the Indian musical world were spread by George Harrison and the Beatles.

Indian music and the West

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I believe it is a tanpura not a sitar on Tomorrow Neven Knows. But I digress. Also, it is an electric sitar used on legal man by belle and sebastian, not a real sitar. This article is riddled with incorrect information. This talk page is full of misinformation as well. You might want to start the 2nd paragraph with the Beatles references, since they used it before the Rolling Stones. It uses harmonium, shenai, sarod, tabla, pakavaj and flute, so I guess it should be removed from the list.

Tojane. Indian Music and the West. GERRY FARRELL. OXPORD of the gramophone, Indian music was, in a sense, re-created to fit Western ideas of.

Talk:Sitar in popular music

This is an important book, and deserves attention from ethnomusicologists, historical musicologists, and students of popular culture across the disciplines. It is the first collection I am aware of to situate issues of the politics, semiotics, and cultural dynamics of musical appropriation in a broad, interdisciplinary context attentive to the theoretical projects of postcolonial and post-structuralist cultural studies. However, the disciplinary and empirical articulations achieved in this volume are in many cases novel and, in their totality, quite progressive.

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    Raga rock is rock or pop music with a pronounced Indian influence , either in its construction, its timbre , or its use of Indian musical instruments , such as the sitar and tabla.

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