constitution and bylaws of the knights of the ku klux klan pdf

Constitution and bylaws of the knights of the ku klux klan pdf

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The Kloran of The White Knights of The Ku Klux Klan of the Realm of Mississippi

Georgia v. Int'l Keystone Knights fo the Ku Klux Klan, Inc.

Ku Klux Klan (1915- )

And yet, we know the Ku Klux Klan, the oldest hate group in the U. Artifacts signal and often embody the racist ideology of the Klan, along with their particular brand of Protestantism and nationalism.

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Ralston recently issued a letter to the president of the American Unity League. Preparations were states that has for its purpose Hie maae whereby those localities which destruction of the Knights of the Ku : are wanUng the Junior order may be. The Junior- order has. It will be recalled that Albert J. Senator Ralston in the last senatorial! Senator Ralston, just prior to his jlectlon, delivered an address tdvoraling the separation of church and ttate and characteristically defining his position concerning the Mayfield contest, which will come before "the Senate in December, in a letter, which follows During the meeting a temporary constitution was adopted and temporary by-laws drawn up.

Much work was accomplished and the board continued in session the entire day. A financial report submitted by the national director was praised by. Increased Facilities Statements by the different directors indicated that the growth of the organization was steady and that with the new plans laid out and the increasing offacilities for handling the many applicants that haye been more or less hard to reach, on account of the newness of the organi. A burial service was adopted for universal use throughout the Junior.

Despite the fact that the Junior organization has been in op-. That the alien elements and foreign interests, bandedtogether in America as a part of the amalgamated enemle's of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, are. Attention was drawn to the fact that during the past week two magazines appeared, both bearing the date of November 21 in which much space was given to certain laudatory paragraphs concerning the Klan. The magazines in' question were! The similarity of the two articles which the magazines printed was marked; that is, that the member.

Membership Is Lauded "It is absurd,1 declares the New Republic, "to suppose that the Ku klux Klan is composed of the community's dregs Both, in the North and the South there are hundreds of thousands of Klansmen who are solid, respectable citizens, kind and loving husbands and fathers, conscientious members- of their.

Klan and its membership, and to judge the case afresh.. I myself learned the need of this from the first man I interviewed jn the state Oklahoma.. He is a fine type, a graduate of one of our famous universities, editor of a powerful newspaper, a leader in work for good government on the broadest lines, a decided liberal, and a mighty lighter against the Klan. He' had been a Walton supporter.

This is what he said: " 'You'll never get things straight. K includes many of the Continued on Page 8. During his stay in Urbana, Dr. Evans delivered two addresses, speaking before the Women of tho Ku Klux Klan in the aflarnoon and in the evening before an audience composed solely of Klansmen. The Grand Dragon of Illinois also delivered an address and there "were. While it is understood that many of the statements given out were merely for the purpose of securing a great part of the funds from Prote3tants, the contradicting views voiced are no less obvious.

Monsignor J. Smith declared 75 per cent of Cleveland's population to be Catholic and that one-half of those Catholics are foreign-born. This would make more than one-. Following the purchase of a tweniy-. The tract of land is near what is known as the Vinegar Mills State Park and is a most picturesque.

I Refuse American Ideas. Inr the face of this admission, the Oetholics are appealing to' Protestantsfor funds with which to educate persons in America who refuse to entertain American ideas, despite the. The new Klavern is a magnificent ofllce building which was purchased by the Zenith Klan, which is one of the most active Klans in Illinois.. The headquarters of the organization will be in the building and meetings will be held these.

The purchase of the Duilding was a surprise to many persons who had believed stories of the enemy that the Klaa fi this county was more or less a. GiTesAid te ftfae. The moral pressure of the organization has been felt throughout Champaign county. Officials have been aided by the Klan in law enforcement by the organization furnishing information -which aided the officers.

By Wingfoot Fully realizing that if elected to the governorship of Indiana, that he must depend on the. As a proof of the wonderful growth of the Klan organization in Jennings county and in this vicinity, it is pointed out that the organized enemies of America are sending' speakers into this territory in an effort to stop the steady growth.

The unAmerican Unity League is active here. Catherine Kirby, "official heckler" for the league, took part. Mrs, Kirby. It was noticeable, however, that no one attempted to interfere with her talk in Madison,. Perpetoal Major Speaker Among rth? According to. No place in Indiana could have been a better spot for a man, who must, depend on the foreign element for election, to decide- upon.

Gary, in the Calumet district, where the foreign element prevails, is an ideal spot for" the mayor of Indianapolis to start his campaign. There is no aoobt"but that Lew Shank is familial: with the fact that, in that. Mayor uurgan nation, due to the fact that 75 per drew on a fund of "historical data" cent of the population is Catholic, and defined a "clear understanding jhe news tnat shank picked Gary to of the right of citizenship under theopen his campaign only emphasizes constitution," This tmdrstanding, th fart that h knowR nJwointPiv.

Boone county units of the Klan are most artive and this county is very much alive in Klandom. The meetings at. The Jamestown unit,. As a result of certain activities on the part of the Klan, Bibles have been placed in thirty-seven schools throughout the county and many other constructive moves have been" instigated by the Klansmen in their localities. The buying of the building and theater, which will be under the direct operation of the Klan, has done much to give an added interest to the affairs of the organization in this county.

Zenith Klaa is composed of the. It officers OI Indianapolis, under gald. For me to do so would, of rourfie, bo a gross yiolation of official duty, and would render me unfit to hold a seat in the Senate. May I ask you, therefore, to reflect on the fact that H is a basic principle of Americanism that every man shall be entitled fo a fair hearing before an impartial tribunal before conviction for an offense, or the infliction. Certainly your love for justice is such that it would shock you to know that I had deliberately taken on a frame of mind tbat would render It impossible for me to give Senator-elect Mayfield a fair and impartial hearing.

At the Thorntown meet- j ing a wonderful address was delivered as part of the program and was received with much enthusiasm. At the Elizaville meeting the Klan band rendered a concert which was. The band is composed of excellent musicians and it is believed that it will find much.

Membership is steadily growing and the Boone county Klans are building on a foundation of soHdity. The outlook grows more bright each day and it is believed here that Boone county will continue as one of the leading counties in Klandom in this state. The strength of the Klap jn this city was demonstrated recently wjien more fhan 6, Klansmen in full regalia took part in what is sall to be the largest and most spectacular parade ever held here.

AetiRg in his usual surly, arrogant and disrespectful attitude. Office Craven of the traffic squad, attempted to severely reprimand Mr. Elrod in that he moved with east and west.

When informed by Elrod that he did not desire to argue the question with a mere polideman and preferred to go to headquarters, Elrod started his car with a policeman standing on the running board.

In city court Friday morning,, Elrod pleaded guilty to the technical. Last Tuesday night brought another grand meeting of Klansmen. A speaker of national note spoke in the Davis hall to a large and enthusiastic assemblage of men and was repeatedly cheered over the truths presented by him,- The result of the meeting was a larg-3 number of new naturalizations.

This very thing; however is what Monsignor Smith declared that 75 per cent of Cleveland's population does not want. Bishop Schrembs also aid; "We do not decry general education, but we believe, as Catholics, that we have something higher than this general education," By this admission the. To be exact, the Protestant residents of Cleveland and those of the counties surrounding that in which. Cleveland is situated can not understand why they should bee asked for funds to aid in the building of an institution that, by the very words of the leaders of the movement, is proved to be a seat of learning that runs contrawise to that of America Te Perpetuate Alien Thought.

In other words, these persons still maintain a foreign thought which can not and will not accept Continued on Page 8. This, however, was more than half-way expected by those who are in close touch with the un-American Unity League, as he. Tolice Department Favorable In Gary, the police department has long been held up as a "bad example. It is well, then, that on Thanksgiving day we render adoration unto Jehovah for guidance in the past and guardianship in the future.

Afterall, we Van but feel that we,Tiave succeeded only in the same measure that Divine Wisdom has in compassion used us as instruments for good. Therefore, in appreciation of these sublime attributes of the Diety, on behalf- of Klansmen everywhere, let us humbly render thanks unte God for the loyalty, ove and patri-r olism throbbing in the hearts of three and one-half mih lion Christian sons and daughters of Hoosierdojn, and pray that eurs sh.

Practically all minor details have been completed for the Thanksgiving day celebration to be held here by the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan on that day. The celebration will be held at tho fair grounds and will start before noon and continue until after. From present indications a large crowd will be in attendance and if the weather is not bad many thousand persons are expected to attend. Following the ceremony there will be a parade.

The parade will form in the fair grounds and will not leave there. It will march around the race track so that the Klansmen may be reviewed: from the grandstand. The fair grounds is but a short distance from the center of the city and is less than a quarter of a mile from the city limits. The circumstances surrounding Inspector Mullin's visit to the prosecutor's office in regard to Mullln having used a stolen machine; the sale otthat machine to "a friend" of MulHn; the storage charge on the machine submitted by the Glenn Truck.

While this is but one of the "odd'' instances that happen daily, that one is enough to have already caused people to begin to wonder just what Shank would do if he were elected governor; especially In view. Truth Yet to Be Learned While it Is true that no one believes Shank can be elected governor of this state, the fact remains that he is making an effort and relying on enough votes from certain elements to elect him.

That Is, he apparently is. Just what is the. After several years of demonstrating his inability as a public officer and his choice of "political advisers" in the way of Bill Armitage. There is no doubt but that his assumed friendship for the "laboring man" duriBg his ascendancy to the public eye gave him a following a few years ago, but this myth has lona.

The Kloran of The White Knights of The Ku Klux Klan of the Realm of Mississippi

The first Ku Klux Klan 2. The background 2. The foundation of the first Ku Klux Klan 2. The reorganisation of the Klan 2. Characteristics of the first Ku Klux Klan 2. The enemies 2. White enemies 2.

Subscribe today to support our mission and contributors. The move deeply demoralized the political will of those Democratic conservatives whom the legislation had ejected from power while simultaneously energizing state Republicans, who quickly moved to establish a new government. By March , a biracial convention had written a new state constitution. Well ahead of its time, the Louisiana state constitution of featured a sweeping civil rights code and dramatically altered the balance of political power in the state. Though they looked on with dismay, conservative Democrats invested little effort in opposing the creation of the new state government along Republican lines. Many Democrats simply considered the process illegitimate, and they believed that the entire Radical Reconstruction program could be crushed by a successful campaign to elect a Democratic presidential ticket in the coming November. Thus, the Knights of the White Camellia emerged during the spring of primarily to campaign in Louisiana for the Democratic presidential ticket of Horatio Seymour and Frank Blair.

Georgia v. Int'l Keystone Knights fo the Ku Klux Klan, Inc.

McGivney on March 29, Kelly , the order's 14th Supreme Knight. The organization was founded in as a mutual benefit society for working-class and immigrant Catholics in the United States. It has grown to support refugee relief, Catholic education , local parishes and dioceses, and global Catholic causes.

Print Send Add Share. Duke University Press has been its publisher since It has never been out of print. For those who still find it a good read, I offer this free electronic supplemental text and bibliographical essay.

Ralston recently issued a letter to the president of the American Unity League. Preparations were states that has for its purpose Hie maae whereby those localities which destruction of the Knights of the Ku : are wanUng the Junior order may be. The Junior- order has. It will be recalled that Albert J.

Ku Klux Klan Constitution and Bylaws - 1870

Klansman's Manual Also, some of its appeal was the fraternalism, philanthropy, and ritualism that it shared with more mainstream organizations like the Masons. Millions of white Protestant Americans joined -- including many elected officials and community leaders.

Ku Klux Klan (1915- )

It was made up of native-born, white Protestants of many income and social levels. In the changing world of the s, the group was against Catholics, Jews, African-Americans, immorality, and drinking. Nationally, Indiana was said to have the most powerful Ku Klux Klan.

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Appeals court allows N.Y. anti-mask law

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