structure and function of long noncoding rnas in epigenetic regulation pdf

Structure and function of long noncoding rnas in epigenetic regulation pdf

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Published: 31.03.2021

The Function of lncRNAs as Epigenetic Regulators


Mini Review ARTICLE

Epigenetic Regulation in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Requires Long Noncoding RNAs

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The rapid development of new generation sequencing technology has deepened the understanding of genomes and functional products. LncRNAs now have been shown to play important epigenetic regulatory roles in key molecular processes, such as gene expression, genetic imprinting, histone modification, chromatin dynamics, and other activities by forming specific structures and interacting with all kinds of molecules. This paper mainly discusses the correlation between the structure and function of lncRNAs with the recent progress in epigenetic regulation, which is important to the understanding of the mechanism of lncRNAs in physiological and pathological processes. Recently, the rapid development and application of high-throughput sequencing technology further steadies the key situation of the connecting link of RNA in the focal dogma [ 1 , 2 ].

The Function of lncRNAs as Epigenetic Regulators

Recently, the non-coding RNAs ncRNAs have been classified in different categories, and its importance in regulating different cellular processes has been unravelled. Some lncRNAs are related to genomic imprinting and are associated with chromatin-modifying complexes that can regulate gene transcription. It is well established that cancer cells have different epigenetic alterations and some of these modifications are associated with lncRNAs. Studies of cancer-associated lncRNAs have defined its function in the process of tumorigenesis, its impact on cell proliferation, cellular signalling, angiogenesis and metastasis. Therefore, having a better knowledge of their role might contribute to a better understanding of the diseases. In this chapter, we will discuss about lncRNA classification and functions, epigenetic marks and how they can guide transcription. Nevertheless, we will discuss how these mechanisms can interact and guide gene expression, as well as recently findings of dysregulation of lncRNAs in cancer.

Recent evidence has proven the relevance of epigenetic changes in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma HCC , the major adult liver malignancy. As discussed in this review, many of these transcripts are able to specifically act as tumor suppressors or oncogenes by means of their role as molecular platforms. Indeed, these lncRNAs are able to bind and recruit epigenetic modifiers on specific genomic loci, ultimately resulting in regulation of the gene expression relevant in cancer development. The evidence presented in this review highlights that lncRNAs-mediated epigenetic regulation should be taken into account for potential targeted therapeutic approaches. Mammalian genomes produce thousands of long nonprotein coding transcripts currently referred to as long noncoding RNAs lncRNAs [ 1 , 2 ]. Wide range analysis of cellular transcription by deep sequencing unveiled a large and continuously expanding number of lncRNAs. LncRNAs can exhibit subcellular localization in precise compartments and, although they are expressed in lower amount with respect to mRNA [ 4 ], these transcripts are even more cell-type specific and strictly associated with developmental stages [ 5 — 7 ].


RNA has emerged as the prime target for diagnostics, therapeutics and the development of personalized medicine. Thus, ncRNAs confer regulatory plasticity and represent a new layer of epigenetic control that is dysregulated in disease. LncRNAs tend to acquire complex secondary and tertiary structures and their functions only impose very subtle sequence constraints. In the present review we will discuss the biochemical assays that can be employed to determine the lncRNA structural configurations. The implications and challenges of linking function and lncRNA structure to design novel RNA therapeutic approaches will also be analyzed. MicroRNAs miRNAs are the best studied small ncRNAs, representing an additional layer of posttranscriptional regulators that absorb perturbations and ensure the robustness of biological systems Liu and Olson, ; Ebert and Sharp, ; Rotllan et al. Substantial effort has now been directed toward dissecting the function of lncRNAs.

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Mini Review ARTICLE

Most of the eukaryotic genome is transcribed, yielding a complex network of transcripts that includes tens of thousands of long noncoding RNAs with little or no protein-coding capacity. Here, we highlight recent efforts that have identified a myriad of molecular functions for long noncoding RNAs. In some cases, it appears that simply the act of noncoding RNA transcription is sufficient to positively or negatively affect the expression of nearby genes. However, in many cases, the long noncoding RNAs themselves serve key regulatory roles that were assumed previously to be reserved for proteins, such as regulating the activity or localization of proteins and serving as organizational frameworks of subcellular structures. It is thus becoming increasingly clear that long noncoding RNAs can function via numerous paradigms and are key regulatory molecules in the cell.

Epigenetics is the study of inherited changes in phenotype appearance or gene expression that are caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence 1 , 2. These changes may persist through multiple cell divisions, even for the remainder of the cell's life, and may also last for multiple generations. However, to reiterate, there is no change in the underlying DNA sequence of the organism.

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Epigenetic Regulation in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Requires Long Noncoding RNAs

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Structure and function of long noncoding RNAs in epigenetic regulation

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Long Non-coding RNA Structure and Function: Is There a Link?

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