selenium interview questions and answers pdf

Selenium interview questions and answers pdf

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Published: 01.04.2021

Selenium Certification Training

Selenium Interview Questions

Feature of a Selenium Tool

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers for 2021

The following are the plus interview Questions on Selenium Automation that I have collected so far. This article is written by Arun Motoori. You have done a fantastic blog.

Selenium Certification Training

The following are the plus interview Questions on Selenium Automation that I have collected so far. This article is written by Arun Motoori. You have done a fantastic blog. I am a big fan of you. I think there is problem in 94th question it should be — How to pause a test execution for 5 seconds at a specific point? By the way great effort , Hats off to you sir Thank you. Great work I must say.. I am a hiring manager, most of the questions I generally ask are covered here. Thanks a lot Arun, you have created good number of questions, because of you few peoples will get job and exp people will get good job.

Yes, I started answering the questions from this list and started posting them on my blog on a daily basis. Thanks,more useful. It is better if you could provide these questions topic wise with Answers. This is really amazing… Thank u very much. Its really helpful. Hi Arun , where the repository stored in selenium web driver.? Hi Arun, In you tube only questions are available. Can you please tell where I can the remaining questions with answers?

I am currently busy with creating youtube videos on Selenium Tutorial and not getting time to create answers for the remaining questions. Could you please advise to get the exact solution? Really great list of questions. This can be a one stop for everyone looking to revise the concepts or preparing the interviews. Just one request can we have some sort of heading which bifurcates the section like Cucumber, Java, Selenium etc. That would be great. Hi Arun, Can you please cover how to use selenium java automation for angular application?

Sure Sachin. I am kind of busy with other tasks now and will definitely work on the requested topic in future. Much appreciated question set. It would really help in interview preparation. We are getting Selenium questions at one place. Arun, can you also post questions for Python automation? It will take time for us to work on Python related stuff. We are now busy with other task. But, will note down your request for future purposes.

Sir, Please explain day to day activities from starting to ending project in selenium automation. Planning to create a youtube playlist on a live project starting from scratch to ending. But this initiative will take some time.

Great work. I saw comments above regarding providing answer also but I like this way more suitable because he someone saw these question then they have to search for the answer and will get a different kind of answer which help them to enhance their knowledge. Thank you Sanjay. Your email address will not be published. Interview Questions selenium Selenium Interview Questions selenium seleniumautomation seleniumbyarun seleniumlearning seleniumtesting seleniumtool.

Previous Post Prerequisites required for learning Selenium. Next Post What are the different components or tools of Selenium? Recommended Posts for You. Narmada Maligireddy April 9, at am. Arun Motoori Author April 9, at pm. Arun Motoori Author April 10, at pm. Sure Shashi. I am on it.

Vijay July 24, at pm. Hi Arun Please share answers for these questions. Arun Motoori Author July 27, at am. Rakesh Kumar Singh April 10, at am. Awesome Work Arun Motoori..

Can you please provide answer of these questions? Sure Rakesh. This is just the beginning. Vishwak April 10, at am. Great work Arun. Useful from basic level QA to Expert level. Thank you so much. Thanks for your feedback Vishwak. Great job brother Please create the answer also. Arun Motoori Author April 15, at am. Thank you Mohammed. Senthil Kumar August 7, at am. Arun Motoori Author August 7, at am. Pani April 10, at pm. Thanks for your feedback Pani. Kanav Sood April 10, at pm. It would be awesome if you pasted answers also.

Its great work.. That would be helpful. Arun Motoori Author July 17, at am. Sunny April 11, at pm. Arun Motoori Author April 12, at am. Nilomoni Bhattacherjee April 12, at am. Thanks a lot sir. It will be more helpful if you pasted the answer also. Arun Motoori Author April 13, at am. Thanks for letting me know. I will correct it right away. Your feedback means a lot to us in creating more valuable content in future. Keep feedbacking. Krushna April 13, at am.

Wow Fantastic work! Highly Appreciated. Arun Motoori Author April 13, at pm. Thanks for your feedback Krushna. Arun Motoori Author April 18, at am. Srinivas May 4, at am. Arun Motoori Author May 4, at am. Arun Motoori Author April 23, at am. Thanks Venki for the feedback and appreciation. Please follow me on different social media platforms to get these updates. Arun Motoori Author April 23, at pm. Yes, I am updating in the same page. So far answered only two questions, so you are unable to see.

I think I answered 9 and 15th questions so far.

Selenium Interview Questions

Selenium is a software — testing tool that is mainly used for web applications. Many organization prefers Selenium over others because of its flawless user experience. Some of the other benefits of Selenium include its flexibility and the wide range of programming languages and operating systems that can be incorporated with its use. Therefore, the use of the Selenium tool has increased a high level of job opportunities. Organization are in search of candidates who have a well-versed knowledge and experience with this tool and can help in the progress of the organization. In order to succeed in this field, it is very important to have excellent interpersonal abilities along with good technical skills.

What is the difference between POI and jxl jar?

Feature of a Selenium Tool

Selenium is based on automating web applications for testing purpose, but it is certainly not limited to just that. The web-based administration tasks can be automated as well. It automates browsers.

Explore Now! These questions and answers are suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals at any level. Functional Testing:Functional testing is performed using the functional specification provided by the client and verifies the system against the functional requirements. Ex: All keyboard keys are working properly or not. Selenium is Open source tool.

Selenium is an open-source automation testing tool that has set the benchmark in the testing industry for a long time now. It's primarily used by software testers to automate browsers and web applications across various platforms. If you're looking for a thriving career in the testing domain, then Selenium is the wise option, as professionals in this field are in great demand. To prepare you well for your next Selenium Interview, we have collected some of the most frequently-asked Selenium interview questions from our alumni trainees, that set you apart in the interview process.

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers for 2021

Here are the top 35 Selenium interview questions and answers. These most-asked Selenium questions are framed by experts from Intellipaat who lead our Selenium Training to give you an idea of the type of questions asked in interviews. They have taken full care to give accurate answers to all the questions. Do comment your thoughts! Selenium is an open-source tool used for automation testing, which allows you to test web applications across a range of browsers. It was introduced once manual testing started to pose several challenges, and there was a high demand for a method that automates the testing process. This Selenium Java interview questions blog has a compiled list of most of the questions that are asked during Selenium job interviews.

Are you ready to ace your upcoming selenium job interview? No matter you are an experienced or freshers, we have covered all levels based on the requests we got from our readers. Here we have covered Selenium Interview Questions asked in companies. Automation testing is the process of testing a software or application using an automation testing tool to find the defects. In this process, executing the test scripts and generating the results are performed automatically by automation tools. It is required when we have a huge amount of regression test cases.


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