difference between individual and social aims of education pdf

Difference between individual and social aims of education pdf

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What is the Social Aim of Education? Why it’s required for socialization?

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What is the Social Aim of Education? Why it’s required for socialization?

Asked by Wiki User. Individual aim of education means that education should develop individuals according to their interests,capacities and talents. The individual aim of education is not new aim. In ancient India , Greece and some other countries also,this aim was given due importance and prime position.

In present times also since the entry of Psychology in the field of education,Rousseau,pestolozzi,Froebel,T. Nunn and other eminent educationaists emphased on individual aim of education. According to Narrow sense,individual aim of education emphases self-expression or natural develpoment of the child so that after receiving education accordong to his interests,inclinations,capacities and needs,the child is able to choosea vocation according to his nature.

It is no use fixing square pegs into round holes. Now acc. Difference between social accounting and social audit? Difference between social sciences and management sciences.

The difference between the few superrich and the majority of those that live in poverty is an example of social injustice in the Philippines. The poor quality of public education is another social injustice. The quality of education received in an online school versus a regular school is remarkably similar now. The main difference is in opportunities for social growth and interaction.

Micro social workers deal primarily with individual clients or families. Whereas macro social workers typically deal with communities and policy change. Both part are both interdependent on each other as one influences the other. The two terms actually have similar application. The term "social studies", in elementary and secondary education, includes sociology, history, political science, economics, religion, geography, and anthropology.

The term "social sciences" is sometimes applied solely to higher education, and originally included the studies of jurisprudence law , education, health, economics, and art. However, the definition can include all of the studies concerned with man and society. Geographical mobility is movement between different places; Social mobility is movement between different social positions e.

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About Social Aims Of Education Pdf:

The social aim of education takes into consideration the social needs of society. Education is provided with a view to making new members of society familiar with social traditions, manners, mores, customs, etc. In other words, when a society wants to have a very strong social organization and does not permit freedom to the individual members to deviate from its social traditions, it emphasizes to a great extent the social aim of education. In the social aim of education, great importance is attached to society and, therefore, an individual becomes of secondary importance. In countries where socialistic governments are functioning, there is great emphasis on the social aim of education.

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INDIVIDUAL AIMS IN EDUCATION Individualism In order to adequately provide an 2 Individuals hold primacy in human relationships; the social is secondary, with a common aim supported by a set of values notwithstanding differences.

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In order to have a clear concept of the nature of these two aims, it is necessary to make an analytical study of the basic points of differences between Individual and Social aims. Individual and society are the two broad aspects of consideration equally important in education. So, one cannot underestimate in favor of the other.

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If you would like to be involved in its development let us know. Education has become one of the clearest indicators of life outcomes such as employment, income and social status, and is a strong predictor of attitudes and wellbeing. A positive, affirming social identity is associated with a range of positive outcomes in life, such as increased wellbeing, health, social trust and political engagement. This can negatively affect self-esteem and wellbeing. Findings indicated a clear association between education and wellbeing. The results suggest that higher education levels are associated with higher levels of political interest, social trust, health and wellbeing, and lower levels of political cynicism and hostile attitudes towards immigrants.


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    The individual aim emphasizes the educational technological aspect. Whereas, Social aim emphasizes on socio-economic aspect of education. Also, individual aims at the development of man's biological potential. On the other hand, social aims at the attainment of social efficiency of man.

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    Conceptual Distinctions Between Education and Schooling, Learning, Training, distinguish between social and individual aims of education; and.


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