mechanical engineering job interview questions and answers pdf

Mechanical engineering job interview questions and answers pdf

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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions And Answers Book Pdf

7 Mechanical Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

Interview Questions

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To get a brief idea on the job front and to smartly face the interview, you need to be prepared to the best. Mechanical engineering interview questions for freshers are really simple and it is more about testing your knowledge and this relevant quality questions can help you engrave a bright future. Define the exact meaning of machine and engine? Machines can converts any type of energy to mechanical energy except the heat energy Engine the heat energy will be converted to mechanical energy so this is the major difference of machine and engine. Pump is an equipment which works on mechanical energy to transfer the fluids.

Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions And Answers Book Pdf

What is the difference between isotropic and anisotropic materials? If a material exhibits same mechanical properties regardless of loading direction, it is isotropic, e.

Materials lacking this property are anisotropic. What are orthotropic materials? It is a special class of anisotropic materials which can be described by giving their properties in three perpendicular directions e.

What is view factor? View factor is dependent upon geometry of the two surfaces exchanging radiation. What properties need to be considered for applications calling for following requirements : i rigidity ii strength for no plastic deformation under static load iii strength to withstand overload without fracture.

Explain the effects of alloying chromium and nickel in stainless steel. Addition of nickel and chromium increases the tensile strength and increase in resistance to corrosion takes place. Mention two types of dislocations. Dislocation refers to a break in the continuity of the lattice. In edge dislocation, one plane of atoms gets squeezed out. In screw dislocation the lattice atoms move fom their regular ideal positions.

What are the principal constituents of brass? Principal constituents of brass are copper and zinc. What is Curie point? Curie point is the temperature at which ferromagnetic materials can no longer be magnetised by outside forces. Specific strength of materials is very high when they are in fibre size but lower when they are in bar form Why? Crystal structure has ordered, repeating arrangement of atoms.

Fibres are liable to maintain this and thus have high specific strength. Which element is added in steel to increase resistance to corrosion? Whether individual components in composite materials retain their characteristics or not? An elastomer is a polymer when its percentage elongation rate is? Why is it that the maximum value which the residual stress can reach is the elastic limit of the material? A stress in excess of elastic limit, with no external force to oppose it, will relieve itself by plastic deformation until it reaches the value of the yield stress.

Why fatigue strength decreases as size of a part increases beyond around 10 mm? Perfection of material conditions is possible at lower sizes and as size increases, it is not possible to attain uniform structure of the material.

Distinguish between creep and fatigue. Creep is low and progressive deformation of a material with time under a constant stress at high temperature applications. Fatigue is the reduced tendency of material to offer resistance to applied stress under repeated or fluctuating loading condition. While normal carburising and nitriding surface treatments increase fatigue strength, excessive treatment may decrease the fatigue strength. By excessive treatment the high compressive stresses are introduced but these are balanced by high internal tensile stresses of equal value and the subsurface fatigue cracks may develop in the regions of high tensile stress and lead to early fatigue failure.

List at least two factors that promote transition from ductile to brittle fracture. Manner of loading, and the rate of loading promote transition from ductile to brittle fracture.

A machine member may have ductile failure under static loading but may fail in brittle fashion when the load is fluctuating. Similarly a material may evidence ductile failure under tensile loading at ordinary testing speed but if load is applied at a high velocity then failure may be brittle.

Which theories of failure are used for a ductile materials, and b brittle materials? For ductile materials, theories of failure used are maximum shear stress theory, and maximum energy of distortion theory; while for brittle materials, theory of maximum principal stress, and maximum strain are used. What does thermal diffusivity of metals signify. Thermal diffusivity is associated with the speed of propagation of heat into solids during changes in temperature with time.

For conduction of heat, the instantaneous rate of heat flow is product of three factors. What are these? How convective heat transfer is effected and on what factors it depends? Convective heat transfer is effected between a solid and fluid by a combination of molecular conduction within the fluid in combination with energy transport resulting from the motion of fluid particles.

It depends on boundary layer configuration, fluid properties and temperature difference. What does following alloy designation indicate FG ? Grey cast iron with tensile strength of MPa. How is ceramic defined? It is a solid formed by combination of metallic and non-metallic elements. What is the name of solid solution of carbon in alpha iron and delta iron? Ferrite and austenite respectively.

Explain the difference between pearlite and cementile? Pearlite is eutectoid mixture of ferrite and cementile. Cementite is chemical compound of iron and carbon. Give one example each of the following proportion of materials dimensional, physical, technological and mechanical. Roughness, enthalpy, toughness, and hardness respectively. For which parts the Wahl factor and Lewis form factor used?

For springs and gears respectively. How oxygen can be removed from steel during melting? What are fully killed steels? Oxygen can be removed by adding elements such as manganese, silicon or aluminium which, because of their high affinity for oxygen, react with it to form non-metallic oxides which rise into the slag.

Hydrogen cannot be removed easily from molten steel. What harm hydrogen has on property of steel? Execessive hydrogen results in the formation of small fissures often described as hairline cracks or flakes in the steel. Large forgings in alloy steel are particularly sensitive to this phenomenon.

What is allotrope? In what forms of cubic pattern, iron exists? Some elements exist in more than one crystalline form. Iron exists in two forms of cubic pattern, namely body centered cubic bcc and face-centered cubic fee.

What is the difference between alpha iron, delta iron and gamma iron? Metals, in general are of low strength and do not possess required physio-chemical and technological properties for a definite purpose. Alloys are therefore more than metals alone. Discuss the arrangement of atoms and structures of alloys.

Alloys are produced by melting or sintering two ore more metals, or metals and a non-metal, together. Alloys possess typical properties inherent in the metallic state. The chemical elements that make up an alloy are called its components.

An alloy can consist of two or more components. The phase and structures of alloys describe the constitution, transformations and properties of metals and alloys.

A combination of phases in a state of equilibrium is called a system. A phase is a homogeneous portion of a system having the same composition and the same state of aggregation throughout its volume, and separated from the other portions of the system by interfaces. For instance, a homogeneous pure metal or alloy is a single-phase system.

A state in which a liquid alloy or metal coexists with its crystals is a two-phase system. Structure refers to the shape, size or the mutual arrangement of the corresponding phases in metals or alloys. The structural components of an alloy are its individual portions, each having a single structure with its characteristic features.

What is the difference between isotropic material and homogeneous material? In homogeneous material the composition is same throughout and in isotropic material the elastic constants are same in all directions.

Explain the difference between the points of inflexion and contraflexure. At points of inflexion in a loaded beam the bending moment is zero and at points of contraflexure in loaded beam the bending moment changes sign from increasing to decreasing. What is the difference between proof resilience and modulus of resilience? Proof resilience is the maximum strain energy that can be stored in a material without permanent deformation.

Modulus of resilience is the maximum strain energy stored in a material per unit volume. What is the difference between column and strut?

Both column and strut carry compressive load. Column is always vertical but strut as member of structure could carry axial compressive load in any direction. Explain the difference between ferrite, austenite and graphite? Ferrite is the solid solution of carbon and other constituents in alpha-iron.

It is soft, ductile and relatively weak. Austenite is the solid solution of carbon and other constituents in gamma-iron.

7 Mechanical Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

The best mechanical engineering questions you ask in an interview are determined by the industry your company is in. In this article, we go over some common interview questions, behavioral interview questions , and technical questions you can ask a mechanical engineer when speaking with them for an interview. To start off the interview you can start by asking some general engineering interview questions related to mechanical engineering. These will help break the ice and give you a good understanding of the candidate. It helps reveal their passion for the field, and what interests them about engineering in general. Do they want any job or are they looking to better society through quality engineering design?

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Following are frequently asked mechanical engineering interview questions for freshers as well as experienced engineering candidates. The second law of thermodynamic depicts that the total entropy of an isolated system can never reduce over time. The shear center is a center where the force can act with no twist, whereas elastic center is located at the center of gravity. It is one of the types of a joint that are used to connect two rods, which are under compressive or tensile stress. This joint is made of steel or iron.

engineering interview questions and answers pdf free download for Freshers these are very important for your job interview. Sir plz send me the pdf of Mechanical Engineering Questions & answers in [email protected],all​.

Interview Questions

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Some of the best mechanical engineers have been creating things their entire lives. Exploring a candidate's history with engineering can reveal their passion for the field, even if they were using household items as a child to build something small. What to look for in an answer:. I spent weeks on it, figuring out how to create an axle and getting the thing to turn right. I used pieces from other toy cars and screws from around the house.

30 Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

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What skills would you say are most important for an engineer?

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600 TOP MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Interview Questions and Answers PDF

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