packed tower design and applications pdf

Packed tower design and applications pdf

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Strigle R. Packed tower design and applications: random and structured packings

Packed bed

This book provides support to engineers as well as graduate students in their daily design work within the industry or for the development of new plants. It investigates the key issues relating to the fluid dynamic design of packed columns used in rectification, absorption and stripping desorption under vacuum, normal pressure and up to bar and liquid-liquid-extraction, which are relevant in waste air and wastewater technology.

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Strigle R. Packed tower design and applications: random and structured packings

The types most commonly used are the packed bed, moving bed, impingement, and plate-type scrubbers. Present paper involved the review of fixed-bed column studies for removal of various contaminants from synthetic wastewater. Initially both medium and cells are fed into the top of the packed bed. As for design and construction features, the absorption column, as the name implies, is in most cases a vertical tower of cylindrical, square or rectangular cross section. Packed bed columns are largely employed for absorption, desorption, rectification and direct heat transfer processes in chemical and food industry, environmental protection and also processes in thermal power stations like water purification, flue gas heat utilization and SO2 removal. Packed Tower Systems technology should be applied, please refer to the Technical Guide starting on page

Strigle R. Gulf Pub. During the last 25 years, significant changes have taken place in both the design of tower packings and the application of packed columns. Increasingly, conces have tued from capacity to energy efficiency and the environmental impact of processing operations. This new edition has been retitled and updated throughout to reflect these changes and the expanded uses for structured packages. It provides basic information on the operation mechanism of packed columns, as well as practical methods for designing such columns, proven methods that have been used over the last decade to design columns as large as 46 feet in diameter and for separations requiring as many as theoretical stages. The procedures presented are based on the author's practical experience acquired over 40 years, and have in many cases been developed as a result of real-life modifications.

Packed bed

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Packed Columns Design and Performance

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    In chemical processing , a packed bed is a hollow tube , pipe, or other vessel that is filled with a packing material.


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