difference between meteorology and climatology pdf

Difference between meteorology and climatology pdf

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Difference Between Meteorology and Climatology

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Climatologist Vs. Meteorologist

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Difference Between Meteorology and Climatology

Meteorology vs Climatology. Meteorology and Climatology are two terms that seem to have the same meaning but strictly speaking there is difference between the two terms. Climatology deals with the scientific study of climate. Meteorology is the study of the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere especially as a means of forecasting the weather. Sometimes Meteorology also refers to the atmospheric character of a region. It is the department of climatology that works on the issue of global warming. On the other hand the department of meteorology works with the primary duty of providing information regarding the trends happening in the atmosphere.

By George Huffman. Meteorology is the study of the Earth's atmosphere and the variations in temperature and moisture patterns that produce different weather conditions. Some of the major subjects of study are such phenomena as precipitation rain and snow , thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes and typhoons. The importance of meteorological events is felt in various ways. For example, a drought results in water shortages, crop damage, low river flow rates, and increased wildfire potential.

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Climatology is the study of the behavior of the atmosphere and changes in temperature, pressure, and other atmospheric factors over a period of time. Weather is all atmospheric phenomena including precipitation, windspeed, and cloud formation. Weather is ultimately driven by differences in heat in the atmosphere. As a result, different parts of the surface will be hit by light of differing intensity. The most intense light is the light at the equator.

Weather and climate are not independent. The confusion comes from weather and climate being intimately connected to each other, and this confusion is often highlighted in discussions about our changing climate. The averages of daily weather are used to monitor climate. Changes in climate lead to changes in weather patterns including extremes. An easy way to remember the difference is that climate is what you expect, like a hot summer, and weather is what you get, like a cool day in August. Our communities and farms are affected by shorter weather events. Their long-term sustainability is affected by climate and climate variability attributed to natural processes and human activities.

Meteorology and climatology are branches of atmospheric science that study the weather and atmosphere. When you're planning on gardening or heading to the beach, meteorologists will give you the weather forecast for the next few days, a week or even 10 days. If you want to know what type of winters you can expect for the next several years, climatologists — who study the past for historical trends that may help predict the future — would have the best answer for you. The two jobs are related and require similar education, but although their tasks overlap at times, each focuses on a different type of outcome. The major difference between meteorologists and climatologists is that meteorologists predict weather for the near term, while climatologists study past weather patterns to predict trends. Weather refers to the day-to-day atmospheric conditions that can change quickly, and a weather forecast may predict minutes to hours to days ahead. Climate, on the other hand, refers to the long term.

is the study of changes in atmospheric phenomena such as temperature, air pressure and composition over significant periods of time.

Climatologist Vs. Meteorologist

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