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Wombs and alien spirits pdf

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Civilizing Women

Wombs and Alien Spirits

Wombs and alien spirits: women, men, and the Zār cult in northern Sudan


He obtained his doctorate in humanities and mental health from University College London and masters in philosophy of mental disorder from King's College London. He qualified as a medical doctor from Cairo University and trained in psychiatry in the UK.

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Civilizing Women

Boddy J. Grandin N. Cloudsley, Anne. Life, Love and the Cult of Virginity. Fakhouri H. The Zar Cult in an Egyptian Village.

Du kanske gillar. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Adherents to the ""zar"" cult in northern Sudan encounter spirits that are parallels of historically relevant figures in the known human world. Those possessed, usually women, meet aliens who speak about issues confronting a village such as the increasing influence of formal Islam or encroaching Western economic domination.

Civilizing Women is a riveting exploration of the disparate worlds of British colonial officers and the Muslim Sudanese they sought to remake into modern imperial subjects. Written in engaging prose, Civilizing Women concerns the subtle process of "colonizing selfhood," the British women who undertook it, and those they hoped to reform. It suggests that efforts to suppress female circumcision were tied to the continuation of slavery and the rise of commercial cotton growing in Sudan, as well as to concerns about infant mortality and maternal health. Boddy traces maneuverings among political officers, teachers, missionaries, and medical personnel as they pursued their elusive goal, and describes their fraught relations with Egypt, Parliament, the Foreign Office, African nationalists, and Western feminists. In doing so, she sounds a cautionary note for contemporary interventionists who would flout local knowledge and belief. Boddy sounds a cautionary note for contemporary interventionists who would flout local knowledge and belief. Anthropologist Boddy scoured the archives in Britain and Sudan to study attempts by British health care workers in northern Sudan to stop or at least redirect female genital cutting, the phrase that now covers female circumcision.

Wombs and Alien Spirits

In these cultures, spirit possession is associated with dissociative episodes such as sudden changes in consciousness or identity that may include periods of shouting, banging of the head against the wall, laughing, singing, or crying. Possessed people may become apathetic or withdrawn, or may not be able to accomplish their usual responsibilities DSM-IV contains symptomatic descriptions of 25 culture-bound syndromes. Similarity in the names of this spirit possession suggests that many of the cults are historically related although evidence has not directly addressed this claim. For example, in Chad, there is the liban sheitan 27 , 28 ; among the Digo of the south Kenya coast, there is shaitani 29 , 30 ; and among Segeju Swahili speakers in Tanzania, there is shetani

Wombs and alien spirits: women, men, and the Zār cult in northern Sudan

Ranking in Religion. Wiley-Blackwell Book Paperback CHF

This essay analyses the cultural and historical processes involved in the emergence of Evil Spirit Sickness, a form of mental or behavioral derangement that appeared among the Bosavi people of Papua New Guinea during a period of intense Christian evangelization and religious excitement. It explores the the emergence of the disorder both as a form of psychological breakdown under the burden of intolerable life stress and a socially innovated, ritually structured, and performatively achieved mode of seeking redemption in a Papuan Christian context. Download to read the full article text.

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Wombs and Alien Spirits: Women, Men, and the Zar Cult in Northern Sudan

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    Scholarship in the early 20th century attributed Abyssinian Ethiopian and Eritrean origin to the custom, although there were also proposals suggesting Persian or other origins.

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    Adherents of the cult are usually women with marital or fertility problems, who are possessed by spirits very different from their own proscribed roles as mothers.

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    Based on nearly two years of ethnographic fieldwork in a Muslim village in northern Sudan, Wombs and Alien Spirits explores the zâr cult, the.


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