pregnancy for dummies pdf download free

Pregnancy for dummies pdf download free

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Pregnancy for dummies

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When a woman and her unborn baby carry different Rhesus Rh protein factors, their condition is called Rh incompatibility. It occurs when a woman is Rh-negative and her baby is Rh-positive. The Rh factor is a specific protein found on the surface of your red blood cells.

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Start by pressing the button below! You Did It! Your Newborn. So we came into this project with a certain amount of expertise. Also, we consulted many of our colleagues in areas of medicine outside obstetrics — in pediatrics, internal medicine, and anesthesia, for example. For many topics, we conducted comprehensive searches of the medical literature to make sure the information we provide is based on the most recent studies available.

In addition, as a mother of twins, Mary has been able to provide her own unique insight into various aspects of pregnancy.

In most pregnancy books, the father of the baby is, sadly, overlooked. Dads are, of course, welcome to read any part of the book that interests them or that the Mom-to-be directs them to , but we also include insightful commentary that is intended specifically for dads. We designed Pregnancy For Dummies, 3rd Edition, to be used gradually, as you enter into each stage of pregnancy.

Many women are curious about what lies ahead and may want to read the whole book right off the bat. But the information is organized in such a way that you can take things week by week, if you want.

You can also consult it as needed if you run into some particular question or problem. We trust that you will use this book as a companion to regular medical care. Perhaps some of the information in it will lead you to ask your practitioner questions that you may not otherwise have thought to ask. This difference of opinion is only natural, and, in fact, we even occasionally disagree with each other. It took a lot of planning, discovering, labor, and love and resulted in tremendous pride and joy for the two of us.

However, it has now been four years since the birth of our second edition of Pregnancy For Dummies, and we felt it was time for another go-round. Medicine, and specifically the field of obstetrics, is changing constantly. In order to keep up with the latest trends and medical news, we have updated and revised the information for this third edition. As in the first two editions, we rely on scientific data rather than opinion or hearsay. Recent medical research has answered some earlier questions, helping us to give better care to pregnant women.

Department of Agriculture. Societal and cultural trends that affect us all also affect pregnant women. We try to be respectful of the fact that although traditional husband-wife couples still account for the majority of expectant parents, babies are born into many different circumstances. These circumstances may involve single parents, same-sex couples, adoptive parents, or pregnancies that involve surrogacy. The bottom line is that the information we present is pertinent and useful to people in many different situations.

See Chapter 2 for specific descriptions of the many kinds of professionals who can play a major role in helping women through pregnancy and childbirth. These nuggets of information may be of interest to you, or they may not, but rest assured that you can safely skip them and still find everything you need to know about pregnancy.

How This Book Is Organized The parts and chapters of this book represent a logical flow of information about the pregnancy process. You can pick up this book, thumb through it and read what stands out, or look up specific topics in the table of contents or index. Check out the following sections for a more detailed overview.

Planning ahead is a good idea — even seeing your practitioner before you conceive. In this part, you can also find out what happens at a prenatal visit. And you can view the general scope of what your life will be like for the next 40 weeks. The way you feel and the kind of care you need vary with each stage. In this part, you get an idea of how each trimester unfolds. You can also find a new chapter where we tell you what is happening on a week-by-week basis.

Again, the advantage of finding out about these problems before you get pregnant is that if you and your partner are at risk for one of these problems, you have more time to become informed and to check out all your options see Chapter 5.

Still, a preconceptional visit is very useful because it allows you to make a game plan and find out more about how to optimize your chances of having a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy. You can discover how to reach your ideal body weight and how to start on a good exercise program, and you can begin to take prenatal vitamins with folic acid.

Some women, however, do have medical disorders that can affect the pregnancy. Expect your practitioner to ask whether you have any one of a list of conditions. For example, if you have diabetes, optimizing your blood sugar levels before you get pregnant and watching those levels during your pregnancy are important. If you have other problems — epilepsy, for example — checking your medications and controlling your condition are important.

These habits can be harmful to a pregnancy, and dropping them before you get pregnant is best. Your practitioner can advise you on ways to do so or refer you to help or support groups. You also need to discuss any prescription or over-the-counter drugs you take regularly and your diet and exercise routines. Do you take vitamins? Do you diet frequently? Are you a vegetarian? Do you work out regularly? Discuss all these issues with your practitioner.

Most people are immune to chickenpox, for example, because they had it when they were kids, causing their immune systems to make antibodies to the chickenpox virus. Rubella is a common example. Antibodies are immune system agents that protect you against infections.

If you are not immune to rubella, your practitioner is likely to recommend that you be vaccinated against rubella at least three months before becoming pregnant. Getting pregnant before the three months are over is highly unlikely to be a problem.

No cases have been reported of babies born with problems due to the mother having received the rubella vaccine in early pregnancy. See Table for information on several vaccines. Most people are immune to measles, mumps, poliomyelitis, and diphtheria, and your practitioner is unlikely to check your immunity to all these illnesses. Chickenpox, on the other hand, does carry a small risk that the baby can contract the infection from her mother. Some states now require that doctors discuss and offer HIV testing to all pregnant women.

If you have contracted HIV, taking certain medications throughout pregnancy will decrease the chances that your baby also will contract HIV. A vaccine has recently been made available for the human papilloma virus HPV , the virus associated with some kinds of abnormal pap smears, genital warts, and cervical cancer. It depends on what kind of birth control you use. Hormone-based medicines — including the Pill, Depo-Provera, NuvaRing, and the birth control patch for example, Ortho-Evra — take longer to get out of your system.

You may ovulate very shortly after stopping the Pill weeks or days, even. On the other hand, it can take three months to one year to resume regular ovulatory cycles after stopping Depo-Provera. To do that, you need to think a little about ovulation — the releasing of an egg from your ovary — which happens once each cycle usually once per month. After leaving the ovary, the egg spends a couple of days gliding down the fallopian tube, until it reaches the uterus also known as the womb.

See Figure for a quick look at the anatomical aspects. Bladder Bladder Rectum The absolute prime time to have sex is 12 hours prior to ovulation. Then the sperm are in place as soon as the egg comes out. No couple should count on getting pregnant on the first try. On average, you have a 15 to 25 percent chance each month.

Roughly half of all couples trying to get pregnant Chapter 1: From Here to Maternity Everything every dad wants to know about sex One of the most common questions that dads ask is about sex during pregnancy.

Your desire for sex — like that of your partner — may increase or decrease. Many men worry that inserting the penis into the vagina, next to the cervix, may injure the baby or lead to preterm delivery. In an uncomplicated pregnancy, you have nothing to worry about at all in this regard.

Another common worry is that you may crush the baby by lying on top of your partner. A cushion of amniotic fluid surrounds the baby. If she is willing, take the time to find alternative positions that are comfortable for her. Also, remember that libido can wax and wane during pregnancy, or it may wane only see Chapter 3.

For some women, pregnancy is just a sexual turnoff. In some cases, intercourse during pregnancy may not be a good idea. If the mother goes into preterm labor, for example, and her cervix is open significantly, refraining may be wise. In the case of placenta previa with bleeding see Chapter 16 and in some cases of incompetent cervix see Chapter 6 , foregoing intercourse also makes sense. Often, embracing, cuddling, or fondling can be satisfying alternatives.

But the next morning I tested myself, and sure enough, it was time for round two. You may become ravenous for pickles, pasta, and other particular foods, yet turn up your nose at foods you normally love to eat.

You may find that you crave bread, potatoes, and other starchy foods, and perhaps eating those foods in the early days is actually helping you store energy for later in pregnancy, when the baby does most of its growing. As with any other time in life, though, be careful not to overeat. In fact, large and tender breasts are often the first symptom of pregnancy that you feel because very early in pregnancy, levels of estrogen and progesterone rise, causing immediate changes in your breasts.

You can opt instead for self-testing. Home tests are urine tests that give simply a positive or negative result. By the way, these tests are very accurate for most people.

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Pregnancy for dummies

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When a woman and her unborn baby carry different Rhesus Rh protein factors, their condition is called Rh incompatibility. It occurs when a woman is Rh-negative and her baby is Rh-positive. The Rh factor is a specific protein found on the surface of your red blood cells. Like your blood type, you inherit your Rh factor type from your parents.

Perfect for pregnant women and their partners, as well as health professionals working with pregnant women. More info. Acupressure for labour preperation and medical induction. Acupressure for Pain Relief in Labour. Using Acupressure on Yourself for Pain relief in Labour.

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